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10 Classic Blue Manicure Ideas To Try In 2020

Wear the Pantone Color of the Year on your fingertips.
Welcome the New Year by painting the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue, on your digits. Its deep, calming hue looks sophisticated. READ: You can lower your stress levels by just staring at your hands, LOL! Kidding aside, we think

10 Unique Red Nail Polish Ideas for a Bold New Year Look

These nails are far from the classic reds your mom used to wear.
Everyone has a go-to shade for their nails, and if you've been stuck with nudes, pinks, or black polish forever, it's time to mix things up a bit. Why not paint your digits a crimson hue for a change? While you're at

Where to Get Long-Lasting Gel Manicures in Metro Manila

Glossy and chip-free nails for weeks!
With the holiday rush more palpable than ever, we suggest you treat yourself to a quick trip to the nail salon this weekend. Instead of getting a regular mani-pedi, indulge in gel polish services!Gel nail polish services are a bit more expensive

15 Nude Manicure Ideas That Aren't Boring at All

Classic but never basic.
You'll never perceive nude nail polish as a safe, boring color again after seeing these design ideas. You see, the skin-tone hue acts as a perfect canvas for playful nail art or elegant embellishments. Plus, these manicures can be worn at weddings,

Everything You Can Do to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Get shiny, chip-free nails for weeks.
Whether you're getting a manicure at the salon or you're doing it on your own, these hacks will ensure that your polish will stay chip-free and glossy.Fill in ridges and get rid of unwanted moisture and oil before painting your nails. This

10 Black Manicure Ideas That Are Anything but Basic

You can never go wrong with black.
If you want to try something but you have no plans of parting with your favorite nail polish shade, read on! Below, we list down the cool ways you can wear black lacquer on your tips. From minimalist to total glam, we've

15 Dainty Manicure Ideas For Pink Lovers

Screencap away!
We'll always love pink polish. You'll never go wrong with it, and there are a lot of shade variations to choose from to complement your skin tone. Plus, we can't think of any nail salon that doesn't carry a bottle of this

10 Fancy Gold Nail Art Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

Get gilded.
Here's a great idea: Get gold manicures for the holidays! December is the perfect time to paint your digits in gilded polish. It's the festive season, which means it's the best time to try things you'll normally never do during the rest

These Gorgeous Bridal Nail Colors Will Be Perfect for Your Big Day

Make sure your manicure is ready for that close-up shot!
Your manicure is one little detail of your bridal look that your photographer will be zooming in on (especially when you and your S.O. show off those wedding bands!), so it's best to make sure they're pampered and photo-ready! Here are some ideas:Just like

How to Take Care of Your Nails If You Love Wearing Nail Polish

It's important to care for your nails after a mani-pedi sesh.
We get manicures and pedicures to give our hands and feet some much-deserved TLC. But has it ever occured to you that you also need to preserve your nails' health after every pampering sesh? Below, we tell you the essential things you

8 Manicures That Caught Our Eye at the 2018 Met Gala

They nailed it!
The theme of this year's Met Gala was clear in the guests' outfits, hair, and makeup. In fact, some of the attendees followed it down to the tips of their fingers that we just have to give them a shoutout! Here are

10 Secrets Your Manicurist Knows That You Don’t

We've uncovered the best tricks to keeping your nails flawless!
Stressful week? One of the best pick-me-uppers is binge-watching old episodes of Sex and the City or Gossip Girl while painting your nails with a fiery red or a dainty pastel pink shade. Every girl knows that DIY manicure is fun, but

Review: These Gel Polishes Will Give You Your Quickest Manicure Yet

Another hit from Happy Skin!
Gel mani fans, rejoice! Happy Skin just released its first line of gel nail polishes with a formulation that require no time under the UV lamp. Yup, believe it. Consider it your at-home pamper session's latest upgrade. Introducing, the Express Gel Polishes!IMAGE Happy SkinHappy Skin Express

14 Wedding Day Mani Inspos for Every Bride

Say “I do” to pretty digits.
A girl only wants perfection on her wedding day. That of course includes giving herself ample time to get her nails done before the big day. But with so many pegs and inspos out there, how will she ever find the right

QUIZ: What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

Are you a deep red kind of girl or do you prefer your tips in the nude?
As much as we try to avoid judging the book by its cover, we only have the person’s physical appearance to base our first impressions from. While there are those who look at the overall package, there are some who zoom straight

KFC Releases Edible Nail Polish That Taste Like Chicken

Would you be willing to give this a try?
We here at Style Bible have a weakness for fried chicken. I mean, how could we possibly pass up on that crispy goodness, right? But like all other things, too much of it can go badly—which is precisely why we’d have to

How to Remove Indelible Ink

Get rid of that icky purple stain!
An inked finger might be Monday’s hottest accessory, but after all the post-vote selfies have been sent out, you might want to get rid of that stain right away. Lucky for you, we found this handy video that shows one how to

How PVA Glue Can Save Your Manicure

Here's a handy manicure trick for #TipTuesday!
Remember back in pre-school when you would have arts and crafts and get PVA glue all over your hands? While we got scolded for getting too messy, no one could ever take away the sheer joy of peeling the dried glue off