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10 Dainty and Eye-Catching Tattoo Ideas You'll Love If You're a Capricorn

Add some Capricorn energy to your ink collection.
10 Dainty and Eye-Catching Tattoo Ideas You'll Love If You're a Capricorn
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/the8tattoostudio, Instagram/jooyfava
Add some Capricorn energy to your ink collection.

Hardworking, practical, and ambitious are the typical traits that describe a Capricorn. People of this Earth sign often project a tough aura, but they are actually more than that. They’re loyal to the people around them, always sensitive to the feelings of others, and they are helpful to anyone who needs an extra hand. You’ll want to be around Capricorns because not only will they treat you right, but they will also motivate you to achieve greater things.

If you’re the type who deeply cherishes your being a Capricorn, it might be time for you to get a tatt of your sign. If it’s a yes, we gathered 10 Capricorn-inspired tattoos that'll make you want to book an appointment ASAP. Check them out below!

10 Eye-Catching Capricorn Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Pansy

Florals are everyone's go-to for a tattoo that is simple yet charming. For Capricorns, you might enjoy an imprint of your official zodiac flower which is the pansy. This flower symbolizes free thinking, critical thinking, consideration, and nostalgia–a tattoo of that will always remind you to admire your intellect and perspective. If you’re gravitating towards a dainty tatt, you can try getting a small design of only the petals.

PHOTO BY Siyeon via Instagram/siyeon_tattoo

2. Holly

If you want a more specific flower tattoo, the holly is the flower assigned to those who are born in December. Like Capricorns, these blooms have a prickly image, but once you get to know them, you’ll realize how much you like to be in their presence. You can try a minimalist holly tattoo like the one and highlight the flower with red shading to make it more unique.

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PHOTO BY Justine Crawford via Instagram/justinecrawfart

3. Carnation

For the January Capricorn babies, the carnation is your flower! Fun fact: In floral arrangements, carnations are usually the last to wither away, hence being known for its longevity and loyalty– a trait that’s highly valued by Capricorns. Like the tatt below, you can place the carnation ink on the bottom half of your leg to make it appear like it’s blooming from the ground. 

PHOTO BY Aino Holopainen via

4. Saturn

Hardworking, determined, and responsible are the main characteristics that Capricorns share with its ruling planet, Saturn. Some tag it as the “disciplinarian” because it makes sure that each planet will deliver its duties, just like how Capricorns are in life. Also, a tattoo of it will make you feel that you’re always one and connected with your planet, and making it colorful and bright will even give it a more celestial look.

PHOTO BY Çiğdem Özsoy via Instagram/cigdemozsy

5. Minimalist Sea Goat

Another symbol that represents Capricorns is a sea goat, a powerful half-goat and half-fish creature from a Greek myth. If you don't want an overly detailed look for this one, you can opt for a minimalist design like the red line art below.

PHOTO BY The 8 tattoo Studio via Instagram/the8tattoostudio

6. Cute Sea Goat

If you have a knack for the adorable inks, you’ll probably love the vibe of this sea goat tattoo. Knowing its tough, and determined qualities, providing it with a soft, cartoonish exterior won’t just bring a smile to your face, but it will also remind you to take it easy on difficult days.

PHOTO BY Stacey Miao via Instagram/stacey_miao

7. Subtle Capricorn Constellation

The Capricorn constellation features an inverted triangle that bears its symbol of a sea goat as its image. This is a great idea for a tattoo if you are looking for a subtler ink that's still representative of your zodiac sign. You can even opt to not connect the stars to achieve that demure finish!

PHOTO BY Sierah via Instagram/sierahpokes

8. Pearl Capricorn Constellation

If you prefer a constellation tattoo that’s a little bit extra, you can replace those stars with pearls or gems to give the design a more unique facade. This can provide the same alluring luster as regular stars, which makes it a great substitute for a constellation tatt.

PHOTO BY Jooa via Instagram/jooa_tattoo

9. Garnet

A gem that Capricorns should definitely know about is their lucky stone, the garnet. They say that this attracts the ruling planet (Saturn) and can help you achieve your desired mental, spiritual, and physical state. Plus, having your lucky stone imprinted as a tatt is safer than actually carrying the jewel with you!

PHOTO BY Instagram/tattooist_hanji

10. Capricorn Symbol

Having a tattoo of your astrological sign is a simple and straightforward way to express your personality. Instead of just any plain design, though, you can combine your zodiac's symbol in line art with your official flower to give your tattoo an extra flair. 

PHOTO BY Jooy via Instagram/jooyfava

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