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5 Beauty Tricks We're Stealing from Blackpink's Makeup Artist

The secret to the K-Pop stars' dewy skin, revealed!
5 Beauty Tricks We're Stealing from Blackpink's Makeup Artist
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jennierubyjane
The secret to the K-Pop stars' dewy skin, revealed!

Being the makeup artist of one of the biggest K-Pop acts in the world (no biggie) makes being glammed up by Myungsun Lee the absolute dream. She was the hands behind the beauty looks in Blackpink's Kill This Love music video, and has been the girls' go-to since they were trainees. Refinery29's Mi-Anne Chan was lucky enough to be made up by Myungsun in Korea, sharing how she achieved a sultry smokey look on Jennie Kim. Here are some tips we picked up from the tutorial that we're definitely stealing:

1. Apply foundation only on the T-zone for a natural look.

Myungsun recommends focusing coverage on your T-zone, where we tend to get the most discoloration, to create a minimal base. This will immediately brighten the center of the face and give you a natural contour.

2. Mix your foundation with oil or petroleum jelly for a glowy finish.

The makeup artist reveals that the secret to the dewy skin look Blackpink has in music videos is mixing foundation with either oil or petroleum jelly. She applies the concoction to the high points of the face to keep the skin glowy but not greasy.

3. Create makeshift "lash curling irons" with wooden cotton buds.

Straight, Asian lashes are difficult to curl even with the best tools. That's why after curling with a regular eyelash curler, Myungsun heats up a pair of wooden cotton buds with a lighter and uses it to lift the hairs like a DIY iron.

4. Contour with products two shades darker than your skin tone.

According to Myungsun, a natural contour can be done by using a product two shades darker than your skin tone. It's also important that it doesn't have any reddish tones that could make the contour appear muddy.


5. Apply foundation on your lips to enhance a nude lip color.

Neutralizing the color of your lips with foundation or concealer can create a base for your nude lipstick that will make the color stand out.

Want to cop more tips from Myungsun? Watch the video below!

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