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5 Standout Beauty Looks At Star Magic's First Halloween Party

5 Standout Beauty Looks At Star Magic's First Halloween Party
IMAGE Sylvina Lopez, INSTAGRAM/chiefilomeno
It was a spooky glam extravaganza!

Kicking off costume season a week early were the famous attendees at Black Magic, Star Magic's first ever Halloween party. Ahead, we rave about the five standout beauty looks of the night, in case you need ideas for your look on the 31st:

1. Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu's take on a mummy costume turned heads not because it showed slivers of skin through the bandages. It was the combination of eerily realistic prosthetic wounds, white-out contacts, and the sky high ponytail that gave the look a strong (and borderline terrifying) punch.

2. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn as Poison Ivy was a feast for the eyes from head to toe. Her impeccably laid scarlet wig stole the show from the sea of green, but we also couldn't help ogling the custom leaf-like pieces on her brows over that emerald smokey eye.


3. Maymay Entrata

There was no hair to rave about in Maymay Entrata's One Punch Man costume, though that's probably the best thing about it. She channeled Saitama's iconic non-hairstyle and gave it a glitter touch while Edward Barber did Genos' blonde locks justice, and honestly, we can't name a more powerful duo.

4. Chie Filomeno

Chie Filomeno did absolute justice to Sailor Moon. She had all the anime character's iconic elements in place, from the waves on her yellow pigtails to the icy hue of her eyes, and was too adorable for words.

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5. Kira Balinger

We've seen tons of Harley Quinn costumes in our lifetime (and we're sure you have, too) but Kira Balinger nailed the look so hard that it just deserved a shoutout. It's probably the most daring beauty look we've seen her wear, from the blonde wig, two-toned eyes, down to the small heart painted on her cheek.

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