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A Girl's Guide To Shaving The Smart Way

Master the art of blade-handling and get a close, clean shave.
A Girl's Guide To Shaving The Smart Way Master the art of blade-handling and get a close, clean shave.

Whenever my friends ask how often I get my legs waxed, I usually just answer with a shrug. To be quite honest, I rarely go to the waxing salon to rip out the hair from my gams. Why? It’s because I’m too lazy.

Growing up with a handful of males, you could say that I’ve pretty much mastered the art of handling the blade. That means finding a good razor and getting a close, clean shave sans the cuts and blood running down my legs. You’re probably wondering why deal with shaving when it easily grows back, not to mention the hair being stubby and itchy. I love a quick fix just as much as the next girl does and to have to wait for hair to grow back before I’d have to face the pain is just too much of a hassle. So how does a girl shave? Allow me to share a few tips before you even think of reaching for that Gillette.



  • I always go for razors with a moisture strip. No need to invest in an expensive one as blades dull over time. Four to five uses should be just enough before tossing them out.
  • Be sure to wash and exfoliate your gams before you apply shaving cream or gel. Brush away the dead skin with a body scrub or a trusty loofah.
  • A moisturizing shave cream or gel is always better than using soap. Your stems will need all the hydration to get that clean shave.
  • Soothing lotion will keep your freshly shaved gams from irritation and pacify those razor burn bumps.
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  • Keep the water warm. Too hot will leach moisture, and too cold will give your chicken skin.
  • Best to save the shave for last. Shave at the end of your shower so that your skin will have softened by then.
  • Start from the bottom (your ankles) and work your way up.
  • Use a cleanser with glycolic acid to keep ingrown hairs at bay.


Got some tips to share? Let it slip in the comments below. 

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