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8 Chic '90s Haircuts and Colors You Can Still Pull Off Today

8 Chic '90s Haircuts and Colors You Can Still Pull Off Today
IMAGE Instagram/blythe, hairbyfendidudi
They were chic then, and they're definitely chic now.

It's safe to assume that the '90s is one of everyone's favorite decades. The era contributed countless trends in beauty and fashion that were loved then and even now, as proven by the many who are still rocking them to this day.

In this list, we'll be zeroing in on the '90s-reminiscent haircut and color trends we've been seeing on celebrities and influencers. Spoiler alert: They've all had their modern update! We’re sure you've tried at least one from this list, but scroll ahead to find out!

Timeless '90s Haircuts and Hair Colors

1. Blonde with root shadow

Back then, people were not at all worried about their natural hair color showing with their bleached hair. In fact, people rocked darker roots on purpose! If you want a more updated look, ask your stylist for balayage instead—a more seamless version of this trend that gives you both a subtle ombré and highlights. Definitely, a cleaner, less grungy look, perfect for those of you who live for lower maintenance blonde

balayage hair janeena chan
PHOTO BY Instagram/hairbyfendidudi

2. Chunky highlights

As its name implies, chunky highlights are lightened (usually bleached) chunky strips of hair that are almost tiger-like. Celebrities until the early 2000s rocked this look, notably by Kelly Clarkson and Lindsey Lohan in her movie Freaky Friday. That said, as popular as it was, chunky highlights were eventually considered as a beauty faux pas until recently. Last year, this look got an update when people began solely bleaching their front fringes instead of having a full head of chunky highlights from the '90s. It was big on Tiktok, and Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK's Jennie, Chie Filomeno, and Andrea Brillantes all nailed it!

chunky highlights
PHOTO BY Instagram/ivyy.lii

3. Wispy bangs

If you're not yet ready to commit to full straight bangs, you can try feathering them out for this softer, more laidback look. Remember Britney Spears' iconic Baby One More Time braided pigtails? She was actually wearing wispy curtain bangs with it!

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wispy bangs pamela andres
PHOTO BY Instagram/pamelaandres

4. Face-framing layers

If you watched Friends, you definitely know this haircut because of Jennifer Aniston. While it may look quite dated, you can cop the look by getting layers in the front pieces of your hair and style them inwards. This will add texture and personality to flat hair as well as create more dimension for round shaped faces. If the two are not in the list of your problems, you can still rock this look if you want a face-framing cut!

rachel friends haircut alexa ilacad
PHOTO BY Instagram/alexailacad

5. Blunt round lob

This look is basically a long bob with the ends flipped inwards. '90s supermodels Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell owned this hairstyle back in the day, but you'll still see it on numerous local and international celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Max Collins, Angelina Cruz, and Nadine Lustre. To get the look yourself, part your lob in the middle and use a hair dryer or flat iron to create the flip on your ends.

90s lob angelina cruz
PHOTO BY Instagram/angelinaisabele

6. Bronde

In the '90s, popular hair colors were more in the grungy and smoky spectrum, and one standout shade is bronde, or dirty blonde—the middle ground of brunette and blonde. To get this look, all you'll need to do is have blonde streaks added to a brown-colored base.

bronde hair sofia andres
PHOTO BY Instagram/iamsofiaandres

7. Grunge bob

Bob haircuts were as big in the '90s as they are now. Those who preferred the edgy, more grungy look specifically liked this haircut because it is surprisingly easy to style. Back then, people either wore this cut in a side part with almost zero product to show off their texture or had their hair cut asymmetrically for more texture. You can still pull this off that way now, or you can recreate how Andrea wore it—by wetting your locks and scrunching it with some sea salt spray or hair gel for texture!

andrea brillantes short hair bob
PHOTO BY Instagram/blythe

8. Big, bold curls

This look is all about volume. If you've seen Julia Roberts' hair in the '90s, you'll know exactly what we're talking about! Now, don’t worry if you have straight hair, because you can still achieve this look by using your thinnest curling barrel or going old school with a straw or slim roller! Though if you're lucky to be blessed with naturally curly hair, you're already halfway the look. Finger coil your damp locks after showering to get a more defined curl, and then add volumizing products as needed, especially if your hair needs an extra oomph!

chie filomeno curly hair
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