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5 BB Creams That Boys Can Wear

For all my man friends who've asked to borrow my concealer.
5 BB Creams That Boys Can Wear For all my man friends who've asked to borrow my concealer.

We know BB stands for Beauty Balm, but we’ll give you guys special treatment today and call it, um… Beauty for Boys. Wait, that doesn’t appeal to you? 

Newsflash: guys care. About their faces, that is. Many a man friend who have suffered dark undereyes or puffy eyebags (or both!) from staying up partying/studying/working have approached me, sheepishly asking – “can I borrow your concealer?” To which of course I would reply by patching their eyebags up or referring them to the next girl whose foundation shade they are closest to. Luckily, there’s no longer a need to a) deny it, because more and more guy friends admit to have delved deeper into the male hygiene/cosmetics world and b) loot the ladies’ makeup bags because, surprise, makeup companies are starting to churn out tuff stuff especially made for oilier skin, larger pores, etc. – and with a scent as nice as your girlfriends’ cosmetics too.


OLAY Total Effects 7 CC Cream, P499, Watson’s

Feels like a really lightweight sunscreen (which it has!) with a bonus of shrinking pores in the long run. It’s a skincare-coverage combo! Also, no need to bother with ~blending~ since it’s thin.

Perfect for: putting anything other than your shaving cream on your face for the first time.

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Expert level: 1

MAC Prep + Prime BB SPF 35, P2050, Powerplant Mall

A little goes a long way with this one – it hydrates (which means it brings parched skin back to fresh-from-shower plumpness) and evens out skin tone without being too obvious. Comes in 5 shades, too.

Perfect for: When you’re over your adolescent acne, but not the scars they left. (There, there).


Expert level: 3

TONYMOLY Get This Guy Mr. Lee Secret Cream SPF 15 PA+, P648, SM Megamall

From the land of milk and makgeolli, this Korean product is more of a one-shade-fits-all kind of thing – not to worry, though, it’s pretty sheer and matte on the skin. Bonus points for having the kind of packaging that won’t look out of place in your gym bag.


Perfect as: your secret weapon. You’ll get what we mean when your crush doesn’t just say hi, but “parang kuminis ka?” (Girls notice).

Expert level: 1 ½

CLINIQUE Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 PA++++, P1850, Rustan’s

A special occasion will call for the skill of looking good in photos, and ever wonder how some people have mastered it (aside from, well, genes)? It’s called thicker coverage, meaning your face’s color/tone/evenness is at its best, and this one does that while making sure your skin still looks like skin.


Perfect for: Those of you who want to look good…but not too good, you know?

Expert level: 4

THEFACESHOP Neo Classic Homme Smart BB Cream SPF 40 PA++, P845, Shangrila Plaza

High SPF, matte and sheer coverage, and an extra added anti-wrinkle feature (if you’re into that). As per most Korean brands, it’s one shade fits all, but hey, that takes the trouble out of it, right?


Perfect for: when you’ll be out climbing another mountain.

Expert level: 3

And P.S. –

Don’t forget to wash it all off at the end of the day! 

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