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All the Beauty Products Guys Can Actually Use, Too

There are a lot of products on the market that may be used by anyone, regardless of what the label says.
Guys are often envied for being low-maintenance when it comes to their daily routines. As far as science is concerned, a male's skin condition is vastly different in structure from a female's. Still, it's advisable for everyone to treat their skin with utmost

Here's a Minimal and Natural-Looking Makeup Guide for Men

Celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan tells you everything you need to know.
Makeup exists to help us enhance our features—and by "our," we don't just mean us women. Regardless of your gender, makeup could give you that subtle boost of confidence. And for all the males out there who want to learn how, good

Chanel Is Releasing a Makeup Line Made Especially for Men

And Korean actor Lee Dong Wook is the campaign's handsome face!
For the first time in the brand's history, Chanel is dropping Boy de Chanel, a makeup line created for men. The three-piece collection, consisting of an eyebrow pencil, sheer foundation, and a matte lip balm, will debut in South Korea on September 1! Actor Lee

This Cosmetics Brand Showcased Male Models Wearing Makeup

Because makeup is for everyone!
Anastasia Beverly Hills proves that men can also wear makeup. In its latest campaign launching the new Sweets and Moonchild Glow Kit lines, the brand featured both men and women sporting different shades of highlighter.The brand is making waves in the world of

5 BB Creams That Boys Can Wear

For all my man friends who've asked to borrow my concealer.
We know BB stands for Beauty Balm, but we’ll give you guys special treatment today and call it, um… Beauty for Boys. Wait, that doesn’t appeal to you? Newsflash: guys care. About their faces, that is. Many a man friend who have suffered