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4 Other Uses of Your Carmex Lip Balm You Never Saw Coming

Use it on your brows!
4 Other Uses of Your Carmex Lip Balm You Never Saw Coming Use it on your brows!

Since its birth in 1937, Carmex lip balm has been a staple in every beauty junkie’s vanity kit. First created by Alfred Woelbing, who came up with the formula as a remedy for his cold sores, the popularity of the little yellow capped jar has grown tremendously with people finding alternative uses for it other than just healing chapped lips. Since there are always new tips and tricks to pick up, we came up with a list of things you can do with your tube of Carmex to help you max out its full potential. Let’s begin.


1. Use it as a moisturizer

We all know that the balm’s main use is to keep our pucker moisturized, however, it can also be used to heal other chapped and dry areas of the body like the knees, elbows, and even cracked heels. You can even apply it around your nose area to keep it moisturized when you have a cold.

2. Use it to groom your eyebrows

You’ve heard of using petroleum jelly on your brows as a substitute for gel. But as it turns out, you can also use Carmex lip balm to help tame those unruly arches. Simply dab a small amount onto your fingers and press onto your brows before brushing them into place with a spoolie.

3. Use it as eye gloss

As with your brows, applying Carmex on your lids is great for when you want a bit of sheen to your lids. Unlike petroleum jelly, it won’t leave you feeling sticky whenever you want to sport that glossy eye look.

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4. Use it to prevent dye stains

If you’re a fan of DIY hair dye, you’ll know how tough it is to avoid getting stains on your skin, particularly along your hairline and ears. But by placing Carmex around the areas that often get stained, it allows the dye to wash off easier and faster.

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