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3 Things We Always Hear from the Women Who Don't Wear Makeup

Like drinking tons of water!
3 Things We Always Hear from the Women Who Don't Wear Makeup
Like drinking tons of water!

Here are the three things we always, always hear from The Woman Who Doesn't Wear Makeup:

"Drink lots of water for your skin"

Our Verdict: True

The Fact: It's not just water that does the job. What also factors in are what you eat and what you expose yourself to, like if you smoke or drink a lot. It's pretty much common sense.

"I only use face soap and that's it."

Our Verdict: What might work for some might not work for others.

The Fact: Soap is made for the body more often than it's made for the face. So if you must only use soap, make sure it moisturizes—a lot! Take a bar that has moisturizing properties to your skin and lather up—you'll be surprised by how much it cleanses and softens at the same time.

"My guilty pleasure for my skin is actually moisturizer. It already feels like a lot."


Our Verdict: Yes, but...

The Fact: You need SPF. In conjunction with the face soap question, applying this is standard operating procedure post-cleanse, whether or not you feel like you're moisturized after rinsing. 

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