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10 Local Celebs and Their Tattoos

These stars are rocking their tatts.
10 Local Celebs and Their Tattoos These stars are rocking their tatts.

Planning on getting inked and currently on the lookout for some inspo? Well, we’ve already shared with you a list of Hollywood stars and their signature tattoos, but if that’s not enough, then perhaps these local celebs will do the trick.

Solenn Heussaff


This multi-hyphenate bombshell has a total of 6 tatts on her body, including the Virgin Mary on the left side of her ribcage and a rosary wrapped around her left ankle.

Lovi Poe


Lovi decided to get inked in honor of her father Fernando Poe Jr.’s first death anniversary. On each side of her ribcage are meaningful tattoos, one that says “My Wings” and another that says “My Gravity.”

Saab Magalona


Also bearing a symbolic tattoo as tribute to her late father, Saab Magalona has three stars and a sun inked on her back. This was the exact same spot where her dad Francis Magalona had his, too.

Maxene Magalona


This one, on the other hand, belongs to Maxene. It says “le fille à papa,” which is French for “Daddy’s girl.”

Apart from that, she also has several other tattoos, including a tiara on the nape of her neck, a quote on her right hip that says "all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust," and a Hello Kitty bow on her right wrist.

Marian Rivera


It’s no secret that GMA’s primetime queen loves butterflies, but not everyone knows that she actually has one tattooed right under her nape. She had this done after her husband Dingdong Dantes first proposed to her in a butterfly dome in Macau.

Regine Velasquez


The Asia’s Songbird has one, too! Hers is a rose vine drawn around her right ankle.

Ellen Adarna



The sexy Ellen Adarna also has multiple tattoos, but the most prominent (and most often photographed) would be the serenity prayer inked on the left side of her body.

Rhian Ramos


Rhian Ramos shared her recent tatts on her Instagram, which she called “the scorpion and the hawk.” The hawk was inked by the famous Apo Whang Od herself, who’s said to be Kalinga’s last tattoo artist, while the scorpion was finished by her granddaughter.

Maggie Wilson-Consunji


The former beauty queen also has plenty of experiences when it comes to getting inked. Hers, however, are mostly (if not all) symbolic. To name a few, she has a Celtic cross on her neck representing her Scottish heritage, her name in Arabic on the right side of her tummy, and an ambigram of her husband’s name.

Cristine Reyes


Cristine Reyes’ tatts can be seen almost every time she takes a selfie. Hers are mostly religious symbols, including a cross, a rosary, and on her arm is a heart that bears a crucifix.