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Romee Strijd and Lais Ribeiro Reveal Their Off-Duty Beauty Routines

The international models share what makes their beauty pop.
Being privy to a model's beauty routine, let alone a Victoria's Secret Angel's, is always a privilege. Lucky for us, we didn't have to fly all the way to New York to possess this information, because international models Romee Strijd and Lais

Catriona Gray Talks About What It Really Means to Be a Filipina Beauty

Being a mixed Filipina, the Miss Universe 2018 titleholder wishes to open up an important conversation about diversity.
Vying for the Miss Universe crown even after already competing for Miss World is no regular feat for a beauty queen, but Catriona Gray has never been the type to settle. The Filipina-Australian model knew she had more to offer, and having an international ambassador’s platform

Mari Jasmine Shares Her All-Natural Beauty Secrets

Here's how she achieves her healthy skin and body.
Mari Jasmine is comfortable in her own bare skin—so much, in fact, that she’s living the “no makeup” makeup look from the inside out. Skincare, she says, “is 90 percent of what you eat and 10 percent of what you put on

This Is the Look Every Girl Should Master, According to Fatima Rabago

Fatima Rabago talks about staying practical and embracing your natural beauty.
It's confusing when Fatima Rabago walks into a shoot because the rest of the team has to guess what she's there for. The 5'11" stature, chiseled Spanish features, and sample size frame prompt you mentally that the model's in the room, but

This CEO's Functional Beauty Routine Is Her Secret to Great Skin

Skincare or makeup? Glamourbox's Lia Andrea Ramos chooses both.
From wearing a pageant crown to sporting the CEO hat, Lia Andrea Ramos has become the girl boss of She schools us on beauty multitasking—from not using water to wash your face (yes, read on), to not having to choose between

This Celebrity Makeup Artist Swears By This 99-Peso Skin Mattifier

She has a huge perfume collection, too!
"It's really trial and error. Be prepared to spend!" admits makeup artist Gela Laurel-Stehmeier when asked how girls can start building their arsenal of beauty products. In fact, she believes that discovering the perfect regimen is a matter of being bold enough

10 Products You Need to Get Jess Connelly's Flawless Skin

Cop her au naturel look here.
She has the kind of face that makes you wonder where you've seen her before—the kind you’d spot on TV. True enough, in what she likes to call her “past life,” you might have. She was dubbed “Snow White” on Pinoy Big

Mari Jasmine Lets You in on Her Secrets to Perfect Skin

The food-loving model and host dishes on her beauty philosophy.
Contrary to what you'd expect, Mari Jasmine is not at all Filipino. "My dad's English and my mom's Japanese," Mari says in a quirky Australian accent that sounds vaguely British. "But some people say I do look Pinoy."Born in Tokyo, where she

Max Collins on Girl Power, Insecurities, and Being Nice

We talk to the young actress as she wears this season's favorite beauty trend.
She's sugar, spice, and everything nice.Max Collins arrived on set earlier than her call time. She smiled and started a conversation despite having only a couple hours of sleep due to taping her new primetime show Someone To Watch Over Me on

This is How Fit People Stay in Shape

Pro tips from model Monika Sta. Maria.
This month's My Life in Beauty puts the spotlight on Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3 runner up Monika Sta. Maria and her doable fitness routine. A gig in Shanghai put things in perspective when her client asked her to lose weight

3 Ways to Wear a Dark Lip

Let model-turned-beauty girl Sam Lewis show you.
Since being part of MAC Cosmetics last April, the model turned public relations assistant has had to deal with wearing black all day, every day. With a basic know-how on makeup at that time, Sam Lewis has then gone from safe to