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What Is 'Sporty and Rich' and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

Get to know the luxury label that started the minimalist athleisure aesthetic.
What Is 'Sporty and Rich' and Why Do Celebrities Love It?
IMAGE Instagram/idaandu, Instagram/sarahlahbati
Get to know the luxury label that started the minimalist athleisure aesthetic.

If you ask someone to define “loungewear” back in the 2010s, people would think slip dresses, kimonos, and silk PJs à la Josie Natori. But the beauty of fashion is that aesthetics and style rules change with the times. Athleisure has become a staple trend over the years, following the rise of normcore in 2014 and the comeback of streetwear. Over time, the athleisure look has evolved from simple derivative sportif pieces like dressier joggers and sports bras to more casual post-gym sweatshirts and pants but with luxury price tags.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, athleisure has been defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” But it’s safe to say that you can omit the entire “workout” purpose of your ‘fit to make way for aesthetics. Now, the sportswear and leisurewear hybrid trend isn’t just for the fitness junkie. At the forefront of that comfort-first pivot is LA-based luxury label Sporty and Rich.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

What Is Sporty and Rich?

Founded by half-Filipina influencer and all-around creative Emily Oberg, the brand started out as a simple mood board account on Instagram. Think the likes of @c_l_o and @artsxdesign. The carefully crafted aesthetic, that’s characterized as an ode to the cozy and cool sportswear boom in the ‘90s with muses like Princess Diana and the OG supermodels, gained so much traction online that people wanted to buy into the “look.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

In 2016, Emily launched a magazine version of Sporty and Rich that was all about copping the brand’s DNA from fashion, beauty, wellness, and even interiors. Merch then followed in the form of T-shirts and sweatsuits—now, it’s a full blown label you can shop on

Celebrities Wearing Sporty and Rich

Influencers and celebrities all over the world have definitely helped catapult the brand into Instagram fame with the rise of the minimalist and low-key aesthetic. Somehow, Sporty and Rich’s '90s sportswear codes perfectly complemented this photo-filter and editing trend. Check out how some of these stylesetters flaunted their fave pieces from the brand that you can shop now.

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1. Sarah Lahbati

The actress and young mom has always had a penchant for trendy statement pieces. She opted for the statement crewneck sweater from the brand that she wore with simple gold chains.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sarahlahbati
PHOTO BY End Clothing

Soft cotton crewneck sweater, $159 (approx. P7958), SPORTY & RICH,


2. Ida Anduyan

Sporty and Rich fits right into Ida Anduyan’s covetable Instagram feed like the brand was made for her. Her pick if the label’s Be Nice shirt that she paired with comfy brief shorts.

PHOTO BY Instagram/idaandu
PHOTO BY Far Fetch

Cream slogan tee, $75 (approx. P3753), SPORTY & RICH,

3. David Guison

The OG style blogger has always had an eye for cool sweaters, so it’s no surprise that he also picked up one from Sporty and Rich! He wears his pick with a pair of tailored trousers and some classic Vans.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidguison
PHOTO BY High Snobiety

Soft cotton crewneck sweater, $39 (approx. P1952), SPORTY & RICH,

4. Angelique Manto

David’s beau is also a fan of the label and copped a quintessential statement tee. The cool typography definitely spruced up Angelique’s monochromatic black ensemble.

PHOTO BY Instagram/idaandu
PHOTO BY Naked Copenhagen

Black slogan tee, $75 (approx. P3753), SPORTY & RICH,

5. Kyla Zuniga

The Undo Studio founder definitely loves Sporty and Rich’s '90s aesthetic, since it’s definitely inspired some of her own brand’s latest releases. She opted for the cool “Move Your Body” tee that adds a pop of color to her otherwise understated photo.

PHOTO BY Instagram/jkylazuniga
PHOT BY End Clothing

Graphic tee, $39 (approx. P1952), SPORTY & RICH,

6. Helena Busch

While Thai-Swed influencer Helena Busch opted for a classic varsity pullover and an oversized tote from the brand. Her outfit echoes that off post-practice tennis players with this sweater-over-dress combination.

PHOTO BY Instagram/lena_helenabusch
PHOTO BY Far Fetch

"Wellness" crewneck sweater, $110 (approx. P10,511), SPORTY & RICH,

7. Julie Sarinana

Blogger Julie Sarinana picked the sage green colorway of Angelique’s tee to match her colorful wardrobe. Again, the T-shirt’s cool typography elevates even the most basic shorts and white sneakers look.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sincerelyjules
PHOTO BY Above the Clouds

Green slogan tee, $75 (approx. P3753)SPORTY & RICH,

8. Josefine Vogt

You can trust Scandinavian influencers to come up with eye-catching casual ‘fits with an emphasis on tailoring. Here Josefine opted for a preppy school girl look that really made her aqua blue sweater pop!

PHOTO BY Instagram/josefinevogt
PHOTO BY Naked Copenhagen

'90s crewneck sweater, $149 (approx. P7457)SPORTY & RICH,

9. Claire Rose Cliteur

As they say, try to match your shoes with your outfit! We love how her red laces echo the color of her crewneck sweater.

PHOTO BY Instagram/clairerose
PHOTO BY Modesens

Fiery crewneck sweater, $150 (approx. P7507)SPORTY & RICH,


10. Debora Rosa

Channel your inner sports athlete with this cool but subtly drab and dressed down ‘fit. We love how influencer Debora Rosa leveled up her pullover and Bermuda shorts look with a pair of flattering sunglasses and chunky shoes.

PHOTO BY Instagram/deborabrosa
PHOTO BY End Clothing


"Wellness" crewneck sweater, $149 (approx. P7457)SPORTY & RICH,

What to Shop From Sporty and Rich

Since it’s a young luxury label, the brand only produces limited quantities of each style and colorway per collection drop. Blink and you might miss your chance to cop that tee you’ve been seeing on your favorite celeb or influencer. But don’t fret! Their website allows you to view their upcoming collections (complete with prices) so you can ready yourself once they’re available to purchase. FYI, be ready to shell out P3000 to P8000 depending on the style! However, to make the most out of your shopping experience, here are the pieces you ought to buy from the brand if you want that core S&R look.

1. Crewneck Sweater

You can’t go wrong with the brand’s chic and minimalist sweaters that feature a distinct typography graphic. If you want people to know you’re wearing Sporty and Rich, then you better shop for one of their sweaters, stat.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

2. Tote Bag

Their tote bags have definitely led other brands to start doing statement serif totes yet again. If you’re want something more functional and practical for the tropics, be sure to add their latest tote bags to your shopping list.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

3. Baseball Cap

If you’d like to flaunt the brand’s logo subtly, then opt for an S&R snapback!

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

4. Statement Tee

As proven by Angelique and Sarah, a statement tee is a closet staple you can’t go wrong with. You can trust Sporty and Rich to come up with designs that will always nail that classic cool girl aesthetic when it comes to T-shirts. So grab one while you can!

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

5. Bike Shorts

The cropped legging has gone far beyond being a running or yoga staple. This is a must-have if you want to embody that '90s athleisure look to a T.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

6. Sweat Pants

Any athleisure look isn't complete without a pair of comfy joggers. If you're eyeing the crewneck sweat top already, try to create a head-to-toe look with a matching pair of pants. Trust us, it'll make for an easy double-tap worthy OOTD pic. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/sportyandrich

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