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10 Stunning Veil Alternatives for the Modern Bride

10 Stunning Veil Alternatives for the Modern Bride
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Trust us, you’ll look super cool.

Apart from its symbolic meaning—they've traditionally signified innocence, purity, and modesty—a veil is the traditional, tried-and-tested way to complete a bridal ensemble. But times have changed, and now, literally anything goes. Modern brides have become more experimental when it comes to topping off their wedding looks so they could choose what best represents their aesthetic. There are chill brides who opt for tulle sashes weaved into their hairstyles, and fashionista brides who up the ante in wide brim hats for drama—very editorial, if you ask us. There are so many ideas for a myriad of personalities and we’ve rounded up the most stylish ones to help get you started:

1. For the adventurous summer bride: An ivory felt boater hat. Hats looks great with feminine ensembles as they provide a stark contrast for maximum impact. Just check out the slip dress look below!

2. For the couture lover: A wide brim hat with tulle overlay. If you want to achieve that editorial-esque vibe, you can keep the “veil” by placing a layer of tulle on top of a wide brim felt hat.


3. For the summer bride who wants to elevate their look: The biggest straw hat you can find. Nothing says summer wedding than a straw hat, especially if the venue is outdoors. A regular straw hat will provide the impact you crave, but a black one, all the more.

4. For the vintage lover: A large floppy hat. We blame Bianca Jagger for our bewilderment with bridal floppy hats, and you can totally cop her look. This looks best with '70s-style jumpsuits or bridal pantsuits.

5. For the romantic bride: A hair scarf. If you love the dreaminess of the veil but would much rather do away with the extra fabric, you can still go for something subtle like a tulle sash wrapped around a bridal bun. You can also choose other fabrics and patterns to add an accent.


6. For the flirty bride: Beribboned hair scarves. If you want something feminine but not overwhelming, you can fashion a hair scarf into a large ribbon. This looks best with long hairstyles and backless dresses.


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7. For the fashion-forward bride: A chunky headband. Pearl headbands were big in 2019. If you want something trend-proof though, opt for something that’s simply beaded or embroidered—it’s just as showstopping.


8. For the bohemian bride: Sure, you can always go for classic flower crowns to match the floral motif of your wedding, but if you want something less loud, you can sprinkle tiny flowers, like baby’s breath, onto a cascading hairstyle. It’s fresh and delicate!


9. For the regal bride: A crown. If the vibe of your wedding is elegant and classic, it won’t feel complete without a dazzling crown or tiara. We suggest going for something with tiny jewels and an intricate design so it feels modern.


10. For the minimalist bride: Hair pins. Who says hair pins are boring? There are plenty of luxe pins that are perfect for brides who want to keep their hair adornments to a minimum. Great for those who want to make their gown the center of attraction.



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