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This Uniqlo Polo Shirt Recently Went on Sale and Now Everybody Seems to Be Wearing It

This Uniqlo Polo Shirt Recently Went on Sale and Now Everybody Seems to Be Wearing It
IMAGE Twitter/_patweeesha, TikTok/delicioussoba
It's going viral for being everyone's new "uniform." LOL!

Picture this: You're strolling around the mall and you start to observe something slightly strange. You stop in your tracks and notice that the same green and blue stripes are imprinted on almost everyone around you. You catch them on one person, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next. Before you know it, you're surrounded by the pattern, and it'll only continue to grow in numbers.

Chances are, this might've happened to you already, so you'd know that it's nothing horrific (Phew.) The stripes were talking about come by way of a Uniqlo polo shirt that has flew off shelves since it's gone on sale recently. Literally everyone has been spotted wearing the piece, no kidding!

PHOTO BY Twitter/_patweeesha

The polo shirt's familiar striped pattern and cool-to-the-eyes, earthy color palette seems to have smitten shoppers of all kinds. It's ubiquitousness has led to it being dubbed as everyone's new "uniform"! LOL!

PHOTO BY Twitter/carminananaman
PHOTO BY Twitter/rhygarciaaa
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PHOTO BY Twitter/sskaitcomics

A university in Manila recently held a holiday event and a TikTok user was able to spot several people wearing the exact same piece. We lost count by the end of the video, TBH!

One netizen made a Devil Wears Prada meme that we couldn't stop giggling over. Stripes? For the rainy season? Groundbreaking.

PHOTO BY Twitter/Bryyee

As it turns out, the internet's new "uniform" isn't complete without a pair of baggy cargo pants and a plain canvas tote. It's giving '90s main character energy, and we're here for it!

PHOTO BY Twitter/cheeeemp

If  you can't resist copping the now-viral shirt for yourself, please, be our guest. No judgement zone here!


Rugger Polo Shirt in Dark Green, P790 from P990, UNIQLO,

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