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Here’s Why the Internet Is Enraged Over Canon’s Latest Ambassador Program

The brand's solution to the criticism only drew them more flak.
UPDATE, JULY 21, 2021, 1:15am: Canon Philippines released an official statement on the issue on the morning of July 21, posted across their social media platforms.Read their full post below:"We abide by our Canon Group Philosophy  of “Kyosei”, which is living and

Geneva Cruz Wants Netizens to Stop Telling Her to "Cover Up" Her Body

"Just so you know, I. DON’T. CARE. WHAT. YOU. THINK. OF. ME."
It's no secret Geneva Cruz isn't one to shy away from her haters—especially those who comment on her posts or respond to her stories. Her epic responses to body-shaming and ageist remarks are pretty empowering. Unfortunately, her positivity does not appear to deter

Today on the Internet: This P2000 Walis Tambo Has Pinoys Confused

A.k.a. "walis tambeaux."
You've probably seen that now-infamous bilao wall art priced at over P14,000 that went viral in mid-May and had Pinoys on the Internet making jokes nonstop. Well, looks like there's another quintessentially Filipino item circulating on social media: An "Asian Straw Broom"

These Celebs Had the Best Reactions to Ellen Adarna’s Sultry "Mom Bod" Post

The actress showed off her toned physique in a recent IG post.
We love confident women who aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got—especially if it’s the result of determined hard work—and the ever-alluring Ellen Adarna continues to be one of them. In particular, the actress recently set Instagram ablaze with a sultry post

The Internet Thinks Miss Thailand Copied Catriona Gray's Iconic Gowns

Did Amanda Obdam copy Catriona Gray's gown?
The Miss Universe competition is the pageant to watch. Everyone tries to come up with the best, if not perfect formula of a beauty queen. With that, it can’t be helped that candidates hold seemingly familiar characteristics from previous winners. However, there's this

Here's Why Zac Efron's Fans Are Not Happy About the Criticism for His "New Look"

A recent video of the American actor sparked plastic surgery rumors, which received mixed reactions from people online.
Zac Efron and many Hollywood and internet celebrities recently joined forces to promote the Earth Day musical led by TV star Bill Nye the Science Guy. The promo was posted on April 22nd on Facebook, and Zac stood out to netizens for