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Toe Ring Sandals Might Just Be This Summer's Biggest Shoe Trend

What do you think? They're back!
Toe Ring Sandals Might Just Be This Summer's Biggest Shoe Trend
What do you think? They're back!

Blame it on the incoming heat we can already feel creeping in. Summer sandals have been on our minds 24/7! It's pretty easy to daydream about the myriad of choices, to be completely honestthe 'gram is rife with them, from those covetable, super-slim The Row ones to last year's ubiquituous square-toed, block-heeled options we still love.

Here's another option to seriously consider and irreversibly fall for: the toe ring sandal. We're fondly thinking of these as the footsy equivalent to the also-trendy asymmetrical shoulder, so check out three no-sweat ways to pull 'em off!

1. Start cool and easy with an oversized band tee tucked into mom jeans, then sling an ultra-cute tort purse over your arm.


2. Another quick fix comes via denim shorts and a lightweight trench. Perfect for mall hangs or evening strolls.

3. Get really current by belting a beige blazer over bike shorts! You're lookin' like 2019.

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