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5 Reasons to Try the Beret Trend Now

5 Reasons to Try the Beret Trend Now
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We break it down for ya.

We're here to convince you that the beret deserves a place in your closet, on your head, and in your heart. Not even exaggerating. It's the season's accessory du jour for a reason, and admit it: you've seen it on your favorite Instagram style stars enough times. Quit fighting the temptation and give in! Below, we jot down five points in favor of our argument.

1. First of all, it's a great way to mask a bad hair day.

No time to plug the hair iron in this morning? Don't worry another minute more about your unflatteringly, uh, flat locksthrow a beret on and let it be your crowning glory (no one has to know that you literally just rolled out of bed).

2. Wanna channel Parisian chic? The beret's got you.


Pair with tousled waves, a flimsy cotton wrap dress, vintage cat-eye sunnies, lace-up espadrilles, and a hint of je ne sais quoi. Oh, and some red lipstick!

3. Fly east! Cop that K-idol look, no sweat.

The beret may be a French girl staple, but our Korean sisters sure know a thing or two, too. A complete turnaround from the Parisienne's subtle sexy, tuck an oversized logo tee into neon track pants and head on out the door. K-pop star airport fashion, anyone?

4. It's the solution to upping your outfit a notch (or 10).

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Like Renee de Guzman, heighten the sartorial appeal of an otherwise ordinary blouse-and-shorts combo by topping things off to perfection.

5. It's 100% Dior approved.

That should be enough reason for you, tbh. The label's Fall 2017 show saw every single look on the runway come finished with a sleek black leather version of France's unofficial national accessory. A bonus: Rihanna sat perched front row wearing one of the said chapeauxnaturally, everyone followed suit not very long after.

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