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8 Clever Fashion Hacks from TikTok That Actually Work

These TikTok tutorials might just change the way you get dressed.
Time is extremely valuable, and most of us want to get things done in the easiest and simplest way possible—including dressing up. Now, if you want to learn time-saving hacks or instant solutions in the event of a clothing malfunction, then TikTok

All the Ways to Tuck in Your Shirt, According to TikTok

Try out these non-basic ways to style your shirt!
T-shirts are definitely staples in our closets. As much as we love constantly wearing them, it could get repetitive (and boring) at times. Finding ways to switch up our outfits can be quite a challenge, so styling inspo and tips are something

Sewing-Free Clothing Hacks From TikTok You Can Easily Do At Home

You don't need to visit your seamstresses!
On TikTok, it’s relatively easy to find hacks and tips about basically anything. There’s seemingly endless content about food hacks, organization ideas, beauty tips—you name it, and it can all be found on TikTok. When we do not have the time or

7 DIY Tiktok Hacks to Try When Wearing Jeans

These DIY adjustments can instantly solve your jean problem.
If we were to list down this generation’s favorite pastimes, it would probably include watching Tiktoks. From learning trendy dance moves to finding some new recipes, Tiktok’s definitely got a diverse range of content suited for anyone. And to all fashionistas out

4 Useful Fashion Tricks You Can Practice While in Quarantine

Now's the time!
We hope you don't feel any urgency to be unnecessarily productive these strange, confusing days, because the anxiety is totally valid and you ought to rest your head and heart. But if you're plain bored indoors while in quarantine, the hour has

3 Fun DIY Fashion Projects You Can Try at Home

No to boredom.
The DIY Designer by Orly Shani is currently one of my favorite YouTube channels, especially now that we're in quarantine. As a fashion person with a chronically stuffed closet, there's bound to be one or two things that I'm never wearing again (or,

How to Look Good at All Your Last-Minute Christmas Parties

Christmas dinners included.
The scenario: While plowing through a slow day at the office, you suddenly remember that Christmas dinner you promised you'd attend. Chances are there's no time to go back home for a quick change, so you have no choice but to head

5 Tips to Master the Art of Carrying a Small Bag Everywhere

We'll teach you how!
Do you ever wonder how some girls can carry one small bag for the whole day? Or how fashion insiders are able to utilize those tiny, uniquely shaped purses when attending events? It's possible! You can pare down your everyday essentials into

8 Chic Ways to Cinch Your Waist Like a Fashion Girl

Show off those curves!
If you've gone bored with your belts in an effort to accentuate your curves, then look no further because we've got the easiest tips to spice up the way you cinch your waist! These simple styling techniques will not only pronounce your

Red Is 2017's Power Color and Here's How to Wear It

Easy styling tricks here!
Pale dogwood and greenery better step aside and make way for this fiery hue. Bloggers, celebrities, and fashion girls alike are hopping on the crimson bandwagon. It's a bold and contemporary addition to the muted shades you already own. Don't fall behind

5 Reasons to Try the Beret Trend Now

We break it down for ya.
We're here to convince you that the beret deserves a place in your closet, on your head, and in your heart. Not even exaggerating. It's the season's accessory du jour for a reason, and admit it: you've seen it on your favorite

How to Take Care of Every Shoe in Your Closet

Happy shoes, happy feet.
They say good shoes will take you to good places. But if you wear them out due to neglect and carelessness, you're stuck with misshapen pairs that you're bound to throw out after just a few uses. To keep this from happening,

How to Wear Crop Tops According to Your Body Shape

An easy styling guide to help you find the best top to flatter your form.
We're quite sure that crop tops won't be going anywhere, yet this closet staple is one of the trickiest items to style. One wrong move, you'll end up looking a little exposed. Apart from this concern, people are also conscious with body

8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Black Jeans from Fading

Read on for tips and tricks.
Denim is a revered fabric by the fashion world. Its versatility makes it one of the closet staples that you can easily spruce up or dress down. However, finding the perfect pair is no easy task, so when you do find yours,

6 Stylish Ways to Wear Sneakers in Your 30s

Sneakers know no age.
As we age, we come to a point where we evaluate our wardrobe and question everything. And usually, that question is no longer about when you can wear a particular item but whether or not you still can wear it. The same can

10 Dainty Necklaces You Can Easily Layer On

Time to say bye to your '90s chokers.
For months, we have been obsessing over the '90s and bringing back one of its most iconic accessories: the choker. But as much as we loved it for both our day and night outfits, it is safe to say that we've almost

5 Things to Remember When Shopping for a Strapless Bra

Your garment nightmare solved!
We know your struggle, Preview girls! Strapless bras may be a blessing for your shoulder-baring outfits, but shopping for the right one can be a nightmare! Too loose and you're awkwardly pulling it up all day, too tight and you can barely

How to Wear Your Mom's Closet Staples

Time to raid your mom's wardrobe.
Moms have taught us everything we know, which actually makes them our first style icons. And for that alone, we always tend to sneak a peek into their wardrobe and steal borrow their clothes! We're all guilty of this. So with that

5 Clever Ways to Wear Stripes-on-Stripes

Time to experiment!
Even if you're not too keen about mixing prints, going a little bold with stripes should be a different story. It's not only one of the trendiest patterns out there, stripes are also a classic; we're quite sure that you have a