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These 3 Clip-On Lenses Are Your Secret Weapons for Winning Instagram

How to slay selfies, flatlays and landscapes.
These 3 Clip-On Lenses Are Your Secret Weapons for Winning Instagram How to slay selfies, flatlays and landscapes.

“The eye has to travel.” 

Diana Vreeland, the late great editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, once said these immortal words. This idea is highly applicable in this day and age wherein visual-feasting and a daily dose of inspiration are what fuel us wide-eyed humans. There are just so many #goals to attain, and so much #pegs to live by (like Cara Delevingne). When life’s all about learning from the things we see, then why not document them beautifully? 

Lo and behold, attachable smartphone camera lenses! It’s a cool way to capture things that you love, while giving you that photography expert cred (even though you’re not really one). See the world through different perspectives, open your eyes to details, and relive those memories through your photos. It’s also about time to give your IG feed a little extra oomph (and a couple more double-taps).


We found a set you could shop at Lazada! Below, some ideas on how you could step up your photography game:   

What: 3-in-1 Clip Lens for Mobile Phones 

Price: P269 

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Includes: Clip, Fisheye Lens, Wide-angle lens, & Macro lens

Instructions: Choose which lens you would like to use. Screw it on to the clip. Snap the clip gently onto your phone and align the lens to the camera lens. 


1. Fisheye Lens

Gives a spherical and panoramic look. Hipsterrr!

Perfect for: Adventures, road trips, concerts, music festivals, and everyday hohols 


Ever had a friend who collected lomography cameras and made you jealous of her uber retro fisheye photos? Well, now you could give your own pics that same feel. This lens instantly adds dimension and depth —perfect for capturing “candid” moments.

2. Macro Lens

Get close. Reeaally close. This magnifies small subjects and shoots them in crisp detail.


Perfect for: Bloggers, photographers, and feeling photographers; OOTD’s, shoefies, random IG-worthy details

We’re loving this lens because it brings out the #ahrt in us. Imagine the possibilities: you could take pics of your OOTD (zoom-in on cool details like your accessories), you could take close-up foodstagram shots, and you could even level-up your selfie game and focus on your eye makeup! 

3. Wide-angle Lens

This type of lens is one with a short focal length. It’s capable of capturing more in the frame; thus having a “wider” perspective.


Perfect for: Travels, architecture, landscapes, flatlays

Admit it. You stand on top of chairs so you could get the best topshot of your meal. Don’t worry, we’ve all done that! The struggle of getting your flatlays right is over (well, it’ll be easier at least)! You will now be able to capture more of your masterpiece with this lens… so maybe you could stand on just a stool from now on?

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