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The 5 Simple Rules of Taking Nude Pregnancy Photos

How to angle that baby bump for the camera.
The 5 Simple Rules of Taking Nude Pregnancy Photos How to angle that baby bump for the camera.

Rich people and celebrities often feel the need to sit for a portrait for milestones in their lives - their pregnancies, included. Take Kim Kardashian-West, who took matters into her own hands and posted a nude selfie that showed off her growing baby bump. In her post, the 34-year old expressed her frustration as she shut down the rumors that she was using a surrogate. It was bold (literally) and followed the trend started by Demi Moore in 1991 when she posed for Annie Leibowitz for the cover of Vanity Fair. #GoodLighting.

While Kim triumphs in getting her point across despite body shamers, we take a look at some of those other stars who’ve posed in the maternity birthday suit as we give you the lowdown on how to tastefully strip down while pregnant. 


Rule #1: Cup your breast. 


Christina Aguilera, V Magazine (2014)

If you’re not ready to completely free your nipples, provide your tittaes with a little bit of support by gently cupping them.


Rule #2: Bring out the bling.

Jessica Simpson, Elle (2012) 

Jewelry always looks better when you’re naked. Think Kate Winslet in Titanic.


Rule #3: Place your hand on your belly.

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Demi Moore, Vanity Fair (1991) 

Three words: showcase the product!


Rule #4: Crossed legs keep it classy.


Britney Spears, Harper’s Bazaar (2006)

Just because you’re posing naked doesn’t mean you have to expose EVERYTHING.


Rule #5: Work the profile.


Cindy Crawford, W (1999)

This really is the best angle to really show off that baby bump.

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