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5 Sturdy Designer Bags to Invest in That Will Stand the Test of Time

Call it lasting luxury!
5 Sturdy Designer Bags to Invest in That Will Stand the Test of Time
Call it lasting luxury!

We're firm believers that real luxury should last. You did drop a ton of funds on that wish list bullet, after all. If you're really set on getting your hard-earned money's worth, it's also important to consider sturdiness: Will it be able to handle sitting on the airplane floor? Can it carry a lot without losing shape? What do reviews say about how good it'll look 20 years down the line? Questions, questions.

To start you off on the right track, we've rounded up five tried-and-tested picks that'll last forever, come what may—and stay agelessly cool, while they're at it!

1. The Flap: Chanel Classic Flap in Caviar Leather

We're talking the pinnacle of scratch-resistant luxe here. Only a teeny tiny number of bags are truly, completely worthy of the word "timeless," and one of them is–drumroll, please!–the Chanel Classic Flap, a.k.a the revered 2.55, famously named for its February 1955 creation date. We have a crowned winner, folks!


Available in a myriad of colors, sizes, and textures, it's overwhelmingly enduring, universally loved, and near unrivaled. It's the investment piece of investment pieces. You've desired it in single and double-tongued iterations, in quilted caviar leather and chevron lambskin, in funky tweed and rainbow tinted PVC, in hues ranging the full spectrum from blindingly vibrant to no-nonsense sombre. Oh, and it pairs flawlessly with both winter and summer 'fits! You're certainly not alone in lust—check out Pia Wurtzbach and Kelsey Merritt flaunting theirs in polar opposite seasons.

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2. The Bucket: Louis Vuitton Noe in Epi Leather

In case you needed any more convincing that the Louis Vuitton Noe is the actual definition of an ageless queen, take note that it is, in fact, none other than Heart Evangelista's first designer bag ever. Every lady with an enviable, label-happy arm candy collection had to start somewhere! If you're just about to begin your hunt for the perfect opening piece, take her tip and shop wisely. In a celeb survey Preview sent out last 2019, she said of the number that began it all: " [It was] a Louis Vuitton drawstring bag in unbelievable sturdy red Epi leather! I was 14. My mom and dad both love LV and so I loved it, too."

Originally designed to be a champagne holder for luxe picnics on balmy spring days, sensible miss Noe was introduced in 1932, then was revamped for sleeker modern tastes in 2017.


3. The Backpack: Hermès Herbag

And yes, you crazy Crash Landing on You fan, we do mean that cherry red number a pensive Yoon Se Ri toted on her solo jaunt to Switzerland back when she first heard Captain Ri play the piano. Whether you favor its regular crossbody iteration or the rarer backpack version, its cool, interchangeable body options are enough reason to invest–yep, you pretty much get two bags with one buy! Hermès' tightly-woven fabric is tough as nails and totally reminiscent of the heavy-duty material ships use for their billowing sails. Call this the posh Kelly's chill, rough-and-tumble little sister.


4. The Shoulder Bag: Prada Re-Edition Hobo in Nylon

Fashion's taken a utilitarian turn as of late, and the look—at the moment defined primarily by languid boiler suits, roomy cargo pants, and a luxe spin on combat boots—has evidently leaked into au courant designer bag silhouettes, too. Case in point: The coveted Prada Re-Edition Mini HoboWe've mentioned before that Sarah Lahbati, though perhaps the first celeb to sport it on our shores, definitely isn't the only fan of this near-indestructable nylon number. The fun difference is that, while she and fellow actress Bela Padilla prefer theirs worn tucked snugly under the arm, blogger Laureen Uy favors the version that dangles via a cool, logo-splashed jacquard sling strap. It's awesome being spoilt for choice.


5. The Travel Tote: Goyard Saint Louis

We dare you to challenge our statement: Everyone and their mom owns Goyard's emblematic canvas Saint Louis. A certified fave of world-weary constant travelers, it's basic, huge, foldable, and oozes that elusive, subtle whisper of effortless luxury you crave. The brand's tiny yet telltale monogram pattern is a statement sans the noise. And did we mention that it's enormous? A true catchall, it's the choice BFF of busy moms, frequent flyers, and anyone in need of a lightweight functional tote capable of stashing a ton.


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