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Where to Buy Circular Tote Bags to Spice Up Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Keep your look neutral, but change up the silhouette.
Those of you who prefer to stick to a minimalist wardrobe may find it fairly easy to choose clothing considering you can quickly narrow down your search to neutral tones, basic styles, and essential pieces. However, a question that may often plague

10 Minimalist Pieces to Shop That Will Last You Forever

Update your closet with these easy-to-rewear essentials.
It's always the minimal pieces in our closet that give up on us first. So if there's any part of your wardrobe to splurge on a little, it will be on basics (whatever your definition of that is) that you'll wear over

All of Jeon Yeo Bin’s Office-Friendly Designer Bags in “Vincenzo”

Jeon Yeo Bin's collection of timeless designer bags will convince you to invest in one, too!
If you’ve been up to date on recent K-dramas, then you’ll know that Vincenzo has recently come to an end. We'll surely miss partners-in-crime consigliere Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) and feisty lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) whose adventures have oftentimes kept

10 Best Bottega Veneta Bags That Will Never Go Out of Style

There’s more to the brand than the IG-famous Cassette and Pouch.
In the realm of designer handbags, each brand is known for something irreplicable—be it a specific way the material is crafted, an iconic design, or simply how elusive and expensive the bags are. In the case of Bottega Veneta, the Italian luxury

This Tiny Version of the Anello Backpack Is Too Cute for Words

You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody!
If you're a fan of Japanese apparel and accessory brand Anello, you've no doubt seen their popular Kuchigane backpacks, which sport a distinctive silhouette featuring a wide zipper opening, top handle, and zip-up front pocket. You probably own several styles and colorways

The Most Expensive Designer Bags We Spotted on David Guison

Here are David’s exact designer bags that you’ll want to have for yourself!
Catch a glimpse of David Guison’s Instafeed and it doesn’t take much convincing to notice that he's got aesthetically pleasing posts. And as you go through his plethora of chic loungewear OOTDs, coffee shop-hopping snaps, and beach pics, you can’t help but