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Would You Wear These Sequined Crocs on Your Wedding Day?

Would You Wear These Sequined Crocs on Your Wedding Day?
They're an actual thing, apparently.

Still in search for the quintessential wedding shoe? Forget those ludicrously priced designer stillettos because the internet’s got quite an interesting proposition: how about donning a pair of Crocs on your big day, instead?

That’s right, we’re talking bright, white, bedazzled, slip-on clogs covered in sequins for a positive shimmer when you walk flat-footed, yet absolutely comfortable down the aisle. Or at least, that’s how the seller describes it on Etsy.

Check out the rubber kicks, below.

Still on the fence? Admittedly, we are, too! But if this post from Princess Pumps, a “one stop shop for custom special shoes,” claiming the hand-made bridal Crocs to be the “most popular wedding models this year,” is any indication, then perhaps it’s safe to say that more and more brides are making a case for a blister-free wedding day.


The Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Clogs Classics are available on Etsy for an estimated P5850. 

And look, if you, understandably, would rather not team your wedding gown with a pair of clogs, keep in mind that you can still bust these babies out on the dance floor come reception time. Trust us, all your guests will be too busy partying to notice that you’ve changed into the most comfortable shoes ever made.

Disclaimer: the design is purely handmade by the seller, and they are, in no way, officially affiliated with Crocs, unlike Converse's new line of custom wedding sneakers.

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