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How to Show Off Your Bag in an OOTD Pic, According to Heart Evangelista

It's all about finding the right pose!
How to Show Off Your Bag in an OOTD Pic, According to Heart Evangelista
It's all about finding the right pose!

Cute bags aren't just practical accessories meant to store our entire lives in. They could also be shown off perfectly in an OOTD pic with the right pose and angle! Work those IG skills and let Heart Evangelista serve as your guide. Here's how the stylish actress shows off her bags in her OOTD pics:

Wear a jacket or coat that perfectly matches your bag's color. Cross your arms slightly and make sure your bag is front-and-center!

It helps if you're taking the pic at a location with a lot of neutral colors, like a big city:

Take a pic standing on a tiled floor.

Pose sideways with your head cheekily tilted towards the camera:

If you're wearing a crossbody bag, make sure it rests comfortably on your waist and take a half-body pic.

Bonus points if you're somewhere chilly, and sporting a coat as cute as Heart's below:

You can also lean-sit casually against a wall:


Wear an outfit in a color that contrasts with your bag, and rest it next to you on a table.

For that travel OOTD feel, you can also rest your bag next to you as you sit on a bridge. Just make sure you (or your bag) won't fall off!

Never underestimate the power of a good candid walking shot!

This showcases the rest of the outfit, and how well your bag goes with it:

Make sure your bag matches your accessories.

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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