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8 Proudly Filipino Shoe Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

8 Proudly Filipino Shoe Brands That Should Be on Your Radar These homegrown brands prove that the local footwear industry is on the rise.

When it comes to fashion, there's no doubt that Filipinos possess a flair for new trends and movements. The local footwear scene in particular has seen an upsurge in the number of small businesses, thanks to young and up-and-coming entrepreneurs who acknowledge the potential of the country's shoe-making industry.

While it's true that many international brands still claim the spotlight when we talk shoes, we've got eight homegrown brands that prove that there's so much to love about local. 

Here are the shoe brands in the Philippines that produce locally-made footwear:

1. Giovanne the Label 

Specializing in the production of footwear using synthetic and vegan leather, homegrown brand Giovanne (or better known as GVN) the Label manufactures locally made shoes and bags that are fit for women with stylish taste. As part of their advocacy, they veer away from the use of animal skin, which allows them to offer affordability without compromising the quality of their products. If you're a working gal who's looking for high-quality, ethically-sourced footwear, you'll fall head over heels with Giovanne the Label's vegan leather collection that ranges from heels to flats and even bags for daily use.

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 2. Annie & Lori

Who would've thought that the internationally-sought after Annie & Lori started out as a humble online retail store here in the Philippines? Offering meticulously handcrafted footwear made by local artisans, there's no wonder why this native brand quickly catapulted itself to star status shortly after they first launched their minimalist pieces for the modern Filipina. Their clientele boasts of no less than the likes of Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt, Miss International-Philippines 2016 Kylie Versoza, and A-list fashion blogger Laureen Uy

3. Andanté

Andanté, an Italian musical term which means quite slowly, perfectly describes how the brand perceives itself as as slow and classic fashion label. Amid the rise of fast fashion, the brand places itself in a position where classic meets modern, and their timeless yet versatile designs are perfect for smart women who want to exude elegance without looking archaic. Take a peek at their collection and you'll see a clear reflection of local crafstmanship in its finest form.

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4. OAK The Label

True to its name, OAK the Label offers one-of-a-kind and contemporary pieces for the quintissential dresser. Aside from their artistic taste in footwear, what sets this local brand apart is their minimalist aesthetic that appeals to every fashion-forward Filipina. The brand uses only the highest quality leather material and each pair that comes out of their production house is designed to last for years of good use. Their pairs are perfect for those who want a constant walking companion that's both durable and stylish.


5. Milli Label

When the founders of Milli Label established their brand, they envisioned life in technicolor. With a wide array of footwear soaked in bright and playful hues, the local footwear label aims to empower women to make bolder and braver fashion choices, starting with shoes. Their handcrafted statement pieces are versatile enough to be worn in any occasion, may it be an afternoon stroll or a quick getaway from the workplace.

6. Cora and Bear 

If there's one word to describe this brand, it's got to be summer. Inspired by warm solstices, Cora and Bear's footwear collection is a mixture of cheerful colors, assorted textures, and blithe designs. It prides itself in using a wide range of raw materials such as suede, acrylic, and vegan leather to handcraft unique and perky pieces, making the brand a perfect fit for every Filipina who loves to experiment with her fashion preferences. 

7. Tutum

Anyone who loves to shop online has probably seen Tutum at least once while scrolling through her Instagram timeline. What began in 2011 as a small-scale business is now one of the country's biggest online brands, thanks to its vast assortment of unique and locally made footwear made available for every budget. Created for practical and trendy women, each Tutum pair promises affordability and quality rolled into the perfect pair of shoes. 


8. Strut

Strut is a women’s shoe brand established in 2016, and its specialty lies in providing transitional and versatile shoes for the contemporary dresser. Loved by many local celebrities and influencers like Sam Pinto, Jeline Catt, and Patricia Henson, there's no wonder why this homegrown brand remains to be a cult favorite among many—their wide range of footwear caters to every style and preference that there is, whether sweet and subtle or street and grungy. 

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