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12 Pretty Pastel Outfits That Will Brighten Up Your Day

12 Pretty Pastel Outfits That Will Brighten Up Your Day
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These soft, dreamy colors are the perfect pick-me-up!

Outfits help dictate your mood, and most of the time, it has to do with the colors you wear. That said, we can’t think of a better way to brighten up your day than by dressing in pastels! Sorbet hues like lilac, baby pink, light blue, and yellow may be too saccharine for others, but there’s a plethora of ways to pile them on, no matter what your aesthetic is! Ahead, we’ve collated 12 pastel-only outfits that look so pretty, it’s impossible not to make your fashionista hearts happy!

1. Tonal pink pantsuit + yellow blouse

Structured clothes like pantsuits and blazers are often more striking when they’re rendered in unexpected colorways or prints, and pastels are one of them. Put together a pink-hued blazer and trousers to create your own tonal pantsuit set and soften up the look with a relaxed blouson in a lighter hue, like yellow!  

2. Mint top + teal skirt

If you aren’t comfortable with color-blocking just yet, the safest way to go is by sticking to analogous colors, a.k.a. colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. The outfit below features a fresh combo of a mint top and a teal skirt that’s perfect for enlivening office days.

3. A monochromatic yellow outfit 

For days when you’re feeling blue, let the sunshine in by dressing up in pastel yellow! Make a monochromatic outfit more interesting by pairing pieces in different textures, such as the knit cardigan paired with pleated checkered trousers below. A look that will keep you smiling on casual days!


4. Mint blazer + jade trousers

If you love the color mint, which by the way, was touted as the next big It color after millennial pink and Gen Z yellow, but you don’t want to drown yourself in it, weigh it down with a darker shade of green like jade. Take cues from Jeanne Damas who layered a white lace blouse for a touch of femininity. (White will look more pleasing to the eye than black!)

5. A light yellow button-down + lavender trousers

If you want to move on from tonal dressing, take the step next further by going for complementary colors (colors opposite from each other on the color wheel). A fine example is violet and yellow, which when muted down, creates a lovely lavender and yellow combo that’s so refreshing! Imbibe this combo’s easygoing vibe with light separates like cotton or linen.

6. Baby blue tee + aquamarine pants

Admit it: There was a time you were obsessed with the color aquamarine! Perhaps it was because of that super cute film of the same name (I mean, it starred Jojo and Emma Roberts, for crying out loud!). Throw it back to 2006 for the good vibes by matching any aquamarine piece with different pastel blue colors. For a casual look, complete with chunky sneakers. For a semi-formal look, go for white booties or white pumps.

7. Green checkered print + baby pink

If your idea of an ideal summer entails frolicking in a flower garden or gazing at a lush foliage, then mimic such scenery with an outfit that’s just as blooming. A color combo of baby pink and pastel green should do the trick (it reminds us of pink roses or tulips!) and opt for pieces in crisp cotton. Amplify the vibe with ruched or smocked tops for an English feel! 

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8. Sweaters + slip skirts

For days when you need an extra lift, you can always rely on a good old slip skirt, and pair that with any relaxed crew neck top (like a baggy pullover or a simple T-shirt). Seal the look with pointed toe pumps and an oversized clutch!

9. Periwinkle athleisure + yellow

You probably already own a pastel activewear set, so why not take it out for a spin outside? Elevate a tank or a sports bra with an oversized blazer, and pair that with trousers. If you’re game enough, go all out with basketball shorts in a different color, like the complementary yellow accent in the periwinkle outfit below:

10. All-out lilac

If you’re obsessed with the color lilac and you’re dying to splash on the color, feel free to dress yourself head-to-toe in it. Monochromatic looks work well with any outfit silhouette, so you could go for a tight-fitting one (like the high-waisted pants and long-sleeved top below), or go oversized with a boxy tee and loose-fitting trousers.

11. Full-on pink

Love pink? Join the club. If baby pink is your ultimate fave pastel, live out your la vie en rose dreams by going for a statement dress (like the tiered dress below) and deck yourself out in matching accessories. There are no rules. Just pile them on and embrace it! 

12. Pistachio pieces + lavender

If you’re looking for a foolproof pastel color to serve as the base of your look, go for pistachio green—it’s so muted that it can act as a neutral! Any color works as an accent, too, like pink, blue, lavender, or yellow. For a super easy outfit, simply go for a pistachio green trousers and a sports bra! Plus points if you can find a matching tote.


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