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This Local Brand Will Change the Way You Think About Uniforms

This Local Brand Will Change the Way You Think About Uniforms
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Gents, there's no need to overthink your daily wardrobe anymore.

One of our daily struggles in life is to rummage through our closets looking for something to wear. Sure, you've got a closetful of garments to choose from, but how do you decide on your OOTD when your brain is barely half awake in the morning? Here's where the guys at Uniporme come in. Uniporme is dedicated to making your life easier and your hurried mornings a little more bearable. They've got a stylish collection of everyday uniforms that require no overthinking—they'll always look put-together no matter what, and they are timeless pieces you'll want to keep wearing.

Below, we talk to the guys behind Uniporme and their mission to make dressing up easier, especially for the gents.

What is the concept behind Uniporme? Where did the name come from?

"Our brand is built on the core idea of providing our customers a distinctive and definitive type of clothing and accessories. These are clothing that will form their everyday uniform. Travel plays a big part on the inception of the brand. We saw a need to incorporate statement details to basic pieces to make a piece standout but still look effortless. There is this interesting habit of men liking to wear uniforms. It’s sort of an escape to the usual problem of what to wear every single morning. We focused on that and started building pieces that would resonate our ideas. The name came from how Filipinos call their uniform in Tagalog."


Uniporme promises to help build the wearer a modular wardrobe. How does the brand carry this out?

"We always think of basic pieces as foundation. Give the item a subtle design edgewhile the garment remains functional and can be worn in any situation."

Henley top, P1499

Who designs your pieces? Please describe your overall aesthetic.

"We do, with the help of our supportive factories. Functionality, contemporary and familiarity are the inherent elements that we believe in as a brand. We make sure that in someway these elements are being incorporated in each collection that we do."

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Wide leg cargo pants, P3690

How did you start your business and who are its founders? Could you tell us something about yourselves?

"We are two retail enthusiasts who breathe and live retail for over a decade now. We also own a design firm called COTO Design Studio that specializes in commercial interior architecture."


Wide fit drop long sleeves buttons down. P2690

How does your brand resonate with the modern Filipino now?

"We saw a retail revolution with online challenging brick and mortar. This gave avenue for local brands to share their ideas and creations and have their own respective audiences. Concept stores were nearly impossible back then, very few had the guts as they are deemed not to survive. But now it is growing at a steady phase, thanks to the internet and SNS people who started to be more exposed and aware of options available apart from the commercial ones [that are] readily available.


Vintage military pants, P5690

"The modern Filipino in our opinion is now becoming more and more aware of their personal style. Uniporme comes into the picture by giving them something to represent their personal style."

Who do you have in mind wearing your pieces? 

"Our customers are not defined demographically by age or location but by mindset and through their cultural attitudes. We believe that they are interested and inspired by the same things as we are, so hopefully, they connect with the collections and appreciate the quality and functional designs.


"An Uniporme wearer is someone who looks for familiarity and shares our interest and appreciation in art and design across all aspects."

Box shirt short sleeve, P1499; Carpenters pants, P5690 

What are your brand's greatest strengths? What sets you apart from other stores?

"I think one of our strengths is we know what our brand stands for and who our customers are, as well as our choice of fabrics and fit."


What about its weaknesses? How are you able to overcome these?

"What we see as a weakness is that we don’t have a physical store, [where] customers can try our items. So, when a customer is unsure of the fit of the garment, we will schedule a personal fitting."


Circus pants, P4790

Where do you see your brand in the coming years? What should we expect from Uniporme in the future?

"We see ourselves doing what we do now: still delivering unique and functional pieces for our customers, just with more unique and limited pieces."

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