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Online Store of the Week: NAMi

Fun fact: it means 'nice' in Ilonggo!
Online Store of the Week: NAMi
IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi
Fun fact: it means 'nice' in Ilonggo!

Namì in Ilonggo means nice and it just so happens that it is also the perfect word to describe NAMÌ. Hailing from Bacolod, Ina Tirthdas and Cath Sobrevega came up with a jewelry brand that is all about timeless yet affordable pieces. The debut collection features necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, cuffs, and toe rings that are all handmade from sterling silver and are crafted locally by Filipino artisans. Both a statement and a minimal piece at the same time, it is a thoughtful collaboration of aesthetics.

Its elegance and quality have definitely caught the eye of the metro (you can even see Kim Jones wearing its pieces). And its selections are surely the perfect element to spice up your everyday outfits. We got in touch with the duo behind NAMì to get to know more about the brand.

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

Can you tell us how "Namì" came to be? What inspired it?

Cath: NAMÌ was born out of our idea of wearable and affordable jewelry. It was very organic for us. The idea came in early 2016 but we let it sit there for a while until around August. Instinct was a big part of it I guesseverything seemed to fall into place and we knew it was going to be good.

Ina: We’ve always loved jewelry and we’re surrounded by people whose everyday pieces tell a story. We appreciate that, making something your ownmaking it live with you.

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

Why jewelry? What made you go into the jewelry business?

C: We noticed that there was a place for us in the market. Before NAMÌ, we wanted to have stuff made for our personal use because there weren’t many options available in the country for affordable, good quality jewelry.

I: It’s either really expensive fine jewelry (which we can’t really afford) or fancy/fashion pieces that you throw away after using it 2-3 times. We wanted to offer pieces that you can wear for a long time, something that can be easily worn or integrated to your style.

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

How do you come up with your designs?

I: It’s a collaboration between us both. Some are inspired by our memories growing up in Negros, some by our very own jewelry. Normal everyday things.

C: We like classic pieces. Traditional ideas made new and fresh. We don’t want to alienate people. Our goal is for everyone to be able to wear them, be comfortable in the piece of jewelry and feel good!


IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

What makes NAMÌ different from other jewelry lines?

C: We like to think it’s something freshoffering new ideas, concentrating on silver again and reminding the market that it’s a good material to work with. Aside from that, I think it’s important to note that we really care about our brand and our customers. We want them to be satisfied.

I: They can talk to us. We try our best to accommodate everyone’s requests and questions on timeif they need help with sizing or want to make something personalized for a loved one. As much as possible we want to be there for them.

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

What's your favorite piece from the current collection?

C: Oooh I have a lot and I wear them every day! My favorites are the medallion necklace on a cable chain, the baby dots for my second and third earring hole, the signet and ghost for my rings, and I pile the classic bangles with the C cuff.

I: So many! But the C cuff with Classic bangles, Signet ring, thick toe ringI wear them every day. The Ghost choker, Ghost rings and tunnel and are also in my tray when I want to switch it up.

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

The Christmas season has just passed, but which piece do you think would be an ideal, all-occasion gift?

C: Any girl would love to receive jewelry as a present, and I think it would be more meaningful if it's more personalized. The best gift this Christmas would be the Medallion necklace or the Nano necklace with engraved initials or name.

I: My personal choice would be something personalized, too. Like an engraved signet ring. I would be so excited to receive that!

IMAGE Courtesy of NAMi

What can we expect from Namì in the future?

C: So many ideas! But we really want to take it slow.

I: Right now, it’s our second collection we’re thinking about. And we want to venture into fine jewelry eventually.

C: A men’s line and a home lineone step at a time!

Want to get shopping? Visit their website and Instagram to cop their debut collection.

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