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15 Local Stores to Shop For Fine Jewelry That You'll Love Forever

Here's where to cop minimalist jewelry that you'll never want to take off.
Don’t you just love when things last forever? In case it wasn't clear, we're talking about gold jewelry. It's the go-to accessory that everyone’s been head-over-heels in love with. Since the rise of its definitive popularity, numerous stores popped up to offer

10 Local Online Stores That Sell Minimalist Hoop Earrings

If you're obsessed with gold hoops, then you better shop this list!
You can say that gold hoops are your simple gold stud’s fun and party-going sister. They add a touch of playful gold shine to your ears but at the same time still look sleek and delicate. Not to mention, they definitely stand

This Filipina Visual Artist Has Three New Collections That You'll Love

Paulina Ortega is making us want to shop for scarves, jewelry, and slip dresses right now!
Filipina graphic designer and visual artist Paulina Ortega has found her way back home from Australia, and she's announcing her return to Manila with a triple collection launch! Last year, Paulina launched a capsule collection of scarves that showcased handpainted images of mangoes and dalagang bukid.

We Found the Exact Minimalist Earring Liza Soberano Recently Wore

Cop Liza's sleek fine jewelry from this local label!
Liza Soberano, with her sporty-cute budding style and fun assortment of designer arm candy, is definitely no stranger to fine now included. We've found the exact delicate gold earring she very recently wore to an event!Introducing the tasteful Amari, a customizable insert handmade

This Local Brand Crafts Sustainable Handmade Jewelry for Every Filipina

Namì gives you your own story to tell through their one-of-a-kind timeless jewelry.
It seems best friends Cath Sobrevega and Ina Tirthdas have been attached at the hip since childhood. It shows in the comfort and ease in which they move within each other's spaces while getting their photos taken, one perfectly balancing out the

These Inspiring Women Are Changing the Way Modern Filipinas Dress

Get to know the ladies who are championing Filipino fashion today.
In celebration of Women's Day, we're putting the spotlight on five local fashion brands helmed by Filipinas. Poised to bring a fresh perspective to modern Filipino fashion, these Pinays are active champions of local craftsmanship.Apart from putting up successful businesses, our featured ladies

Local Products to Gift Your Man with This Valentine’s Day

You can shop them online, too!
Everyone loves a well thought out gift. So this Valentine’s Day, though your beau may be meeting you with those earrings you’ve been hinting on and a bouquet in tow, why not surprise him with a present of his own? That smile

Here's Where You Can Shop for Demi Fine Jewelry in Manila

Check out these precious pieces you can wear every day.
Demi fine jewelry is not a fleeting fashion trend. It's considered the middleground between fine and costume jewelry, and it's visually more sophisticated and bears more careful craftsmanship than your usual fancy accessories, but without the hefty price tag of a solid

These Locally-Made Hair Accessories Are Perfect for the Minimalist

They'll make any hairstyle look ten times better.
Hair accessories manage to turn any hairstyle into something new. They give us an excuse to wear ponytails and messy buns everyday without being stuck with one look! Even minimal ones, like the new collaboration by local accessory brand Nami and celebrity

Online Store of the Week: NAMi

Fun fact: it means 'nice' in Ilonggo!
Namì in Ilonggo means nice and it just so happens that it is also the perfect word to describe NAMÌ. Hailing from Bacolod, Ina Tirthdas and Cath Sobrevega came up with a jewelry brand that is all about timeless yet affordable pieces.