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Oh Wonder Talks About How They Keep Up With Their Jetset Life

Oh Wonder Talks About How They Keep Up With Their Jetset Life The musicians shared some fashion and beauty tips that we all can use.

Preview got a chance to catch up with alternative synth pop duo Oh Wonder as the band recently visited Manila for a three-day mall tour. During which,  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West described their music as "a musical comfort" that aims to cheer up its audience as they "write from a more human perspective." They also shared their tricks in living the jetset life, including how they pack and what beauty tips they swear by. Read all about it below!


You guys wear a lot of colors onstage. Can you tell us more about your style?

Josephine: "When we started out, we performed in black or navy. We just thought we'd keep it simple and really understated. And as we've progressed, we realized that the stage, is really like a catwalk, almost—you can get away with anything. You can wear literally anything and it will look normal. And so the reason why we wear color now and prints, and I wear like spotty things, is because I might look crazy while walking around the street. But onstage it looks really normal. So it's an amazing space and platform to experiment with fashion. I like to try new things out."

Do you dress differently when you're playing for a mall tour or perhaps at a festival?

Anthony: "Yeah, there's like a festival outfit. But I generally wear four shirts because life's too complicated to think about too many outfits. And we have to pack like one suitcase for six weeks."

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Do you have any go-to shops for your closet needs?

J: "Yes. I buy lots of my stuff from Zara, Swedish brand Monki, Australian brand Gormanthey have crazy prints which I love—there's this brillant French brand called ChacokI wear their stuff for videos."

A: "I get most of my clothes from YMC London, You Must Create."


What particular items do your reach for when you shop?

A (to J): "You usually go for big, baggy trousers."

J: "Yeah, for me [when I'm] onstage, it's all about being comfortable because you're so exposed and vulnerable, and it's about being the best version of yourself. I think to do that, you have to feel good. So for me, that's slouchy pants, bright metallic skirts, and I like wearing really tight tops just because you can use your arms better. And for me, anything sparkly always makes me feel better. So, sequins, I like glitter; I am always drawn to anything silver or gold. Oh, and getting my nails done like painting it bright red just makes me feel really happy."

You go on tours and travel a lot. Can you share with us beauty tips on how to maintain good skin?

J: "I go for Clarins and Bobbi Brown skincare. Okay, I'll give my favorite beauty products: the Charlotte Tilbury Magic eye cream is amazing so I always put that on before I sleep and I wake up with no (eye)bags; I use a lot of face masks—the one with animal prints on—I always feel better after I put on a mask. I love NARS, their lip pencils; Bobbi Brown for their eyeshadows (in Moonshine and Melting Point) and I always use their liquid eyeliner. You put it on and it just lasts all day. I love MAC's face mist and I just use it in flights and even to set my makeup."

What's the best beauty tip you swear by?

J: "My one pro tip for anybody for good skin is to never sleep [with] your makeup on and to always wash your face before you go to bed. And it's really hard to maintain good skin on long flights because your skin is always dehydrated, so drink lots of water."

A (to J): "You don't even wear makeup in flights."

J: "I don't. And then I recently found—but I guess you have it here. I think they started in Korea but they haven't made their way to London—they're this little stickers for your spots. They're amazing! Because if I get spots, I always pick at it and try to squeeze them—it's disgusting but it happens—so I always put them on."


How about you, Anthony, have you gotten into face masks like Josephine?

J: *laughs* "I try to!"

A: *laughs* "I use the Clarins line for men. And with the long flights, I use Elizabeth Arden's eight-hour cream."

J: "We put that on our skin, our nails..."

A: "I figured if we don't, we'd have really dry skin since we fly so much. And I just use Aesop body cream."

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