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Nicole Andersson Believes That Fashion and Beauty Can Transform Your Life

She's hosting a new show that motivates women to undergo a "lifeover."
Nicole Andersson Believes That Fashion and Beauty Can Transform Your Life
She's hosting a new show that motivates women to undergo a "lifeover."

The power of fashion and beauty can easily be discounted and perceived as something superficial. But we’re sure that Preview girls everywhere will agree with us when we say that there is something more to fashion and beauty than meets the eye. There’s something about putting on an outfit that feels very “you,” about swiping on red lipstick, or spritzing on your favorite perfumeis it just us or do you get an extra bounce in your step, too?

It’s easy for fashion girls to attest to the empowering effects of fashion and beauty, but for those who haven’t really dipped their feet in this realm yet, then maybe Nicole Andersson will convince you to give it a try. In an all-new TV series called Style Me Now, Nicole helps give women a "lifeover," or a life transformation that utilizes the powers of fashion, beauty, and wellness. In an interview with Preview, she shares with us some tidbits on her personal fashion and beauty journey and how these things can impact one's life:


Do you still remember your first fashion/beauty moment?

"My first fashion/beauty moment was when I was about three or four years old, and my mom caught me dancing to Madonna in her heels, clothes, and a feather boa. I’m pretty sure I wore her makeup, too."

Have you always been the “fashion girl”? If not, how was your life like before fashion and beauty came into the picture?

"I would say that I always loved to dress myself but having a uniform in high school made me focus on my studies more. It wasn’t until college that I got to play around with my looks again."

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How would you describe your relationship with fashion and beauty?

"I think it really is my form of self-expression. When I’m happy with what I’m wearing, I’m generally happier, too. My mood and my outfits are very much connected! Haha!"

What are the little or big things you do to incorporate style into your everyday life?

"I always try to have one thing in my outfit that makes me happy–even if I’m wearing a basic tee and jeans, I would add a fun bag or shoes to elevate it just a little bit more."


Are there any simple ways that fashion and beauty elevates one’s life?

"For career: Dress for the job you want. How you portray yourself in the workplace is how your colleagues will see you.

"For self-image: Don’t dress for anyone else but yourself. If your clothes make you happy and you feel the most 'you' in it, then that’s all you need.


"For social life: In terms of beauty, don’t compare yourself to the people around you. We all have different assets so work with what you have!

"For one’s general outlook on life: One trick I do is when I’m feeling down, I wear a bright-colored dress to help brighten my mood.

"For general well-being: In terms of beauty, I always say that skin care is health care cause it’s the largest organ in your body and you should always feel comfortable and happy in the skin you’re in."

How has fashion and beauty shaped you as an individual?

"I think on my journey with fashion and beauty, I have gotten to know myself more. Through trial and error, I learned what I like and don’t like and what makes me happy, and I think the more you know yourself, the more confident you can be."


Get inspired by fashion, beauty, and wellness transformation stories in the all-new TV series Style Me Now hosted by Nicole Andersson. It premieres exclusively on DIVA, 20th May at 8:25 p.m. on Sky Cable, Cignal, and other cable operators nationwide.

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