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5 Earrings Every Woman Should Own, According to Heart Evangelista

Score some jewelry tips from Heart!
5 Earrings Every Woman Should Own, According to Heart Evangelista
Score some jewelry tips from Heart!

It's no secret that Heart Evangelista is in love with sparkly things. The actress is known for her extensive collection of baubles and trinkets that she wears almost on the daily! In fact, she has even designed a few pieces both for local brand Royal Gem and for French label Gas Bijoux. It goes without saying that we trust her knowledge when it comes to choosing the right jewelry to invest our hard-earned money in. Heart surely knows her way around diamonds and gold! That said, Heart has shared her five must-have earrings in her latest vlog, along with other jewelry-related tips you ought to listen to.

5 Earrings Every Woman Should Own:

1. A stud earring

If you've just started earning your own money but are already looking for worthy trinkets to invest in, Heart says to put your bucks in a timeless white gold stud earring. They will never go out of style and you can always wear them to match all your outfits.

2. Gold hoops

Hear Heart out! While gold hoops are perceived to be expensive because of their size, that's not really what indicates their price tag. Heart advises to look for gold hoops that are relatively lighter because its the gold's weight that determines the number of zeroes in the price.

3. Diamond studs

It is much wiser that you invest your money in something that will last you long versus baubles that will tarnish over time. Go for a diamond stud that you can even pass on to your children as heirlooms.


4. South Sea Pearls

If you prefer jewelry that's more ladylike and dainty, Heart says you shouldn't sleep on classic pearl studs. They may look a bit "madame," but it's all up to your styling!

5. Dangling pearl earrings

Invest in dangling pearl earrings that come with a detachable hoop and pearl stud. That way, you get a two-in-one earring. Ain't it a huge bang for your buck?

To learn more about Heart's jewelry tips and tricks, watch her full vid below:

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