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Here's What Really Happened When Lovi Poe Met Eddie Redmayne in Italy

To top things off, she was wearing a dreamy white dress!
Here's What Really Happened When Lovi Poe Met Eddie Redmayne in Italy
To top things off, she was wearing a dreamy white dress!

When Lovi Poe shared photos of her packing last week on Instagram, we couldn't help but wonder where she was headed to next. Lo and behold, she was actually prepping for a glamorous trip to Italy!

The actress was invited by Omega watches to join a celebration of their AquaTerra timepiece. She wore a dreamy white dress with ruffles lining its low neckline by local designer Patricia Santos. For this look, Lovi carried the Antoinette the Mad minaudiere by Neil Felipp, teamed with a pair of strappy nude heels from Giuseppe Zanotti. Her minimal accessories put all eyes on her dress' romantic flounce.

But as if her outfit itself isn't envy-inducing enough, Lovi made all of us even more jealous when she met Omega ambassador and English actor Eddie Redmayne! (She actually tripped on her dress' hem as she made his way to the Hollywood star, but we're not taking off points for that because really—who wouldn't?)

In an exclusive interview with Preview, Lovi shares more about the event and her run-in with the actor:

Hi Lovi! Can you tell us how this trip came about?

"A friend of mine Rambo Nunez gave me a call and told me that I was invited to attend the event of Omega. He told me that it was gonna be held in Venice and that Eddie Redmayne would be there. I immediately called my manager and asked him to drop everything and do this (laughs). But of course we had to ask for permission from my network as I was about to start taping our new show. But things turned out pretty well because all or schedules aligned."

So you knew you'll be meeting Eddie Redmayne at the event? How much of a fan are you?

"I knew he would be there but I didn't know that I was going to meet him or let alone sit on the same table as him. It was an intimate dinner party. He was sitting right across me and I tried my best to keep my cool. But I think he thinks of me as the creepy girl across the table. Hahahaha!


"I'm a huge fan of his. I mean c'mon, it's Lili (of The Danish Girl)! What a fantastic actor. I believe all actors and real artists look up to such talent."

Can you give us details on your encounter with him?

"I was taking a snap while walking on the carpet/pathway to the palazzo then suddenly my friend Mike called me and said, 'Come you have to go meet Eddie Redmayne.' I was not prepared at all because it all happened so fast, so as I was walking towards him my heel got stuck in my dress and I was trying to take it out in front of him. He was holding my hand to help me balance because I could've fallen off the platform. Hahaha! Oh, I felt so embarrassed and everyone was laughing. I was obviously starstruck like crazy. "

IMAGE Courtesy of Lovi Poe


How was he like? And what did he say to you?

"He was like, 'Are you okay?' And I was like, 'I'm panicking!' I was panicking to the point that I didn't have the time to even grasp that moment. Well at least everyone had a good laugh. Eddie Redmayne was such a gentleman and he was talking to everyone on the table. He was very down to earth and I did not see a single drop of arrogance in his ways."

IMAGE Courtesy of Lovi Poe


How did you pack for this trip? All your outfits were gorgeous! Were they custom made?

"Since I was given the permission to leave last-minute, my stylist Adrianne Concepcion and I started cramming. We didn't want to give our go signal to our designer friends until everything was all set. Since Adrianne and I are best friends we really plan all of our outfits and we meet in the middle in terms of what we both want.


"[My outfits were] all custom-made and I'm grateful to all of our designer friends who made everything beautiful even if it was all last-minute. The beautiful people at the event, all from across the world, would ask me, 'Who made your dress? Who are you wearing? What clutch is that?' And I'm like, 'Oh, Filipino designers.' That made me so proud."

Could you tell us more about the event? And are you now an Omega endorser?

"I could definitely say that I'm a friend of Omega. The watches are exquisitely beautiful—no doubt about that. I was able to meet the magician who designs all their watches [and it was such] a privilege. I was also able to meet people from all parts of the world who are friends of Omega. But most importantly, I was able to spend time with the  people who make Omega the brand that it is. The President, the VP, the regional manager, everyone.

"With the kind of success that they have, it's amazing to see such people with so much humility, people who are willing to share their wisdom to make others succeed as well. The people behind Omega are the ones that make the brand what it is today: 'magnifique.' Being able to experience it for a couple of days had me going back home to Manila feeling very much inspired."