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Kathryn Bernardo's Floral Embroidered Gown Is a Perfect Fit for a Box Office Queen

Kathryn Bernardo's Floral Embroidered Gown Is a Perfect Fit for a Box Office Queen
Her stylists, Kim and Boop Yap, tell us more about her ethereal red carpet look.

Kathryn Bernardo has been in show biz long enough for us to witness her style evolution through the years. From donning all things romantic and sweet when she was younger, she slowly transformed into a certified trendsetter who’s unafraid to experiment—we’ve seen her in boho chic flared denims, cropped tops that are a bit sexier than what her fans are used to, and even grungy band tees that we never expected she’d show up in. But recently, at the 48th Box Office Entertainment Awards, the Teen Queen has come full circle. She stepped out in a look that feels all too familiar but different at the same time. Wearing a floral embroidered frock by Patricia Santos, the message was quite clear: She may no longer be a teen, but she still is, in every essence, a queen.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, her stylists, Kim and Boop Yap, tell us more about Kathryn's chosen outfit as she went onstage to receive her Box Office Queen award for the movie Barcelona. Read all about it below.


Please tell us about her look.

“We wanted to try something new, something that’s not typical and something that hasn’t been worn by Kath before—a gown that’s youthful, fresh, and perfect for the summer season.”

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How did you decide on the dress that she ended up wearing to the awards night?

“This fully embroidered gown was made for Kath late last year and the three of us loved it. We were just waiting for the perfect occasion for Kath to wear the gown, and her winning the Box Office Queen was the perfect time. We wanted an ethereal look for her, completed by a light and fresh makeup by Justine delo Rosario and a braided updo by Chris Rodil.”


It's a lovely gown! Why did you choose Patricia Santos as your designer?

“Pat is a good friend of ours, and she loves Kath as much as we do. We sent her a few pegs and just told her that we wanted a nude base with colorful flower embroidery, and this is what she came up with. We love her work and we’re happy that we have a good working relationship.”


We noticed that Kath has been wearing a lot of florals lately. Is this a new style direction you're going for?

“For this summer, we want Kath's looks to be more fun, fresh, and perfect for the season. So we opted for more prints, and like what we always say, Kath is easy to work with and she listens and trusts us completely. We love trying out new trends together so that her look will keep on evolving.”

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