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"Wednesday-Core" Is Now a Thing and Jenna Ortega's OOTDs Are Making a Case for It

"Wednesday-Core" Is Now a Thing and Jenna Ortega's OOTDs Are Making a Case for It
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/mrenriquemelende, INSTAGRAM/thombrowne
She effortlessly pulls off goth glam on and off screen.

Wednesday Addams, the macabre young girl of the fictional Addams family, is known for her black collared dress and braided pigtails–with an immovable stoic facial expression to boot. For the Netflix series Wednesday, her moody style was given a modern-day interpretation. Think oversized sweaters, boxy jackets, Doc Martens, and terrific layering, which paved the way for the eponymous ‘Wednesday-core’ aesthetic. 

Although gothic style was a popular vibe on the streets and the red carpet (Megan Fox! Kourtney Kardashian!), Wednesday-core has solidifed its place in the mainstream, inviting more folks to get in on the wicked fun. And who better to blaze the trail than actress Jenna Ortega herself? Below, we feature her most stylish outfits so far to give you some tips! 

1. For the world premiere of Wednesday, Jenna pulled off dark romance with a lingerie-inspired Versace gown.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/netflixbrasil

To add a dramatic touch, she threw on lace-trimmed black veil. “I felt like if I was gonna wear black like everyone else, I probably should make a deal out of it … I think [Wednesday] would appreciate the veil,” she explains to Entertainment Tonight.

2. Did you know that 'goth business casual' is a thing? Jenna got the trend right thanks to this Thom Browne outfit.

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The office-friendly button-down shirt and trousers were given the Wednesday treatment with a sexy corset, platform Oxford heels, and striped necktie, giving a whole new meaning to power dressing.

3. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jenna was a masterclass in tasteful sheer dressing.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/fallontonightbts

The 20-year-old actress donned a collared Dolce & Gabbana dress (a nod to her character’s iconic look) layered over a bodysuit and cinched with a metallic silver corset. Sharp and sexy. 


4. For her Jimmy Kimmel Live! guesting, Jenna embraced her vampy side with a lace Dion Lee dress.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mrenriquemelendez

The high-slit, cutout dress channeled Jenna's inner Morticia Addams, proving that gothic-inspired fashion can totally work for evening looks.

5.  If Wednesday had the chance to do corporate chic, she would definitely wear this outfit from New York-based brand RVN.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mrenriquemelendez

The trick to achieving Wednesday-core (aside from wearing all black, of course) is incorporating subtle gothic elements, such as the lace-trimmed innerwear Jenna wore here. Corsets and gloves are also great alternatives. 

6. Goth glam meets the ‘90s in this lace frock and leather coat combo.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mrenriquemelendez

Wednesday-core means wearable gothic style, but throwing in some daring pieces won't hurt. These sky-high platform shoes prove that if Wednesday isn’t afraid of anything, she wouldn’t be afraid of a little extra height.


7.  No better way to do after hours dark glamour than by wearing Yves Saint Laurent. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mrenriquemelendez

One of Jenna’s latest rendezvous with her character’s aesthetic was more minimalist compared to previous outfits, but the ruched detailing on this sheer YSL gown still hits the nail on the head. Delightfully witchy. 


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