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Janine Gutierrez Has the Best Advice When Investing in Designer Pieces

Preview's latest cover girl, award-winning actress, and model Janine Gutierrez has her own way of building up her designer collection. Whether it's locally or internationally made, what matters the most to her is that every purchase holds a precious memory and value. If you take a closer look, behind how mesmerizing they may appear at first glance, every item is either associated with a special event or a person who's dear to her heart. Just like the orange Jacquemus Le Chiquito Croc Print bag that accompanied her during her first New York fashion week back in 2019 or the stunning Mini Jodie Bottega Veneta she finally bought thanks to her closest friend and photographer BJ Pascual. However, what makes her persepective on designer items extra special is the fact that it's her goal to bequeath at least one valuable piece to her children and possibly, even her future grandchildren. It is no doubt that her grandmother, Pilita Corrales, might have influenced her because of so many pamana fashion items, too!

In this episode of Designer Favorites, Janine reveals a mixture of Filipino-made and international luxury brands that makes up her top five favorite designer accessories and clothing. She also shares the main reason why she buys with intention and her greatest piece of advice in buying your very first designer item.

Watch and discover the stories behind the five favorite designer items she purchsed:

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