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Ivana Alawi Bought Herself a 12-Million-Peso Diamond Ring, Because Why Not?

Ivana Alawi Bought Herself a 12-Million-Peso Diamond Ring, Because Why Not?
IMAGE Youtube/Ivana Alawi
Even her jeweler couldn't believe that she wanted to buy it!

When YouTuber Ivana Alawi wants to treat herself, she's not one to hold back. Just last January, she revealed one of the most luxurious purchases she's ever made: A multi-million-peso diamond ring.

In her birthday haul vlog, the 24-year-old social media star shared that the ring was the biggest piece of jewelry that she has bought so far. And next to being an investment, it holds a special meaning for her as well.

"It's just a symbol to love myself. Parang gift ko talaga siya sa sarili ko," she said. "I'm so proud kasi it's a reminder to work hard for your dreams, kasi dati pangarap ko lang talaga 'to eh tapos diba naging sakin na siya. It's just a dream come true."

She couldn't help squeezing in a quick joke about the purchase either: "Bakit ako mag-aantay sa lalaki, e, di, bibilihan ko na lang ang sarili ko, di ba?"

ivana alawi diamond ring
PHOTO BY Youtube/Ivana Alawi

Not only does Ivana's ring have a heftily-sized center stone, the band is also surrounded with multiple smaller diamonds. These details alone make it obvious that it costs a pretty penny, but finding out the exact price would still make anyone's jaw drop.

ivana alawi diamond ring
Ivana Alawi's 12-million-peso diamond ring by Lvna by Drake Dustin
PHOTO BY Youtube/Ivana Alawi

In an interview with, Ivana's jewelry designer Drake Dustin Ibay of Lvna by Drake Dustin revealed the diamond ring costs a whopping 12 million pesos. The YouTuber first wore it for one of the brand's campaign shoots.

"It was especially [made] for the shoot. I named that ring Vana Moon talaga kasi when I designed it, I was thinking of Ivana kasi nga siya yung endorser namin," Drake shared.

However, because the ring was so intimidating in size, Ivana herself admitted she was too scared to hold it that day. That's why when she decided to purchase it a few months later, it was a pleasant surprise for the jeweler. He actually thought Ivana was just kidding at first!

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He continued, "Hindi 'yun for sale, e...So, nung time na sinabi niya na gusto niyang bilhin, 'Sige, I think it's meant for you. I'm gonna sell it to you.'" Ivana sent him the deposit the very next day.

According to the YouTuber, she had the original ring's stone set differently and had it made in gold, among other adjustments.

ivana alawi diamond ring
The ring before Ivana had it customized
PHOTO BY Youtube/Ivana Alawi

In the end, the ring now has a special place in Ivana's collection. She even hopes to pass it on to her children as an heirloom!

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