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How Real Stylish People Wear Jeans

We’re taking cues and stylish hacks from real fashionistas found all around the metro.
How Real Stylish People Wear Jeans
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We’re taking cues and stylish hacks from real fashionistas found all around the metro.

Being your very own personal doll and playing dress-up is one of the most understated leisure activities we make time for. Rarely do we ever hear someone admit that it could actually be a hobby of theirs. But, hey, now might just be the right time to literally climb out of the closet, all the while scavenging through different clothing pieces you can experiment with.

Whether you’re grabbing a hand-me-down pair of jeans from mom, trying on a skinny boyfriend’s skinny jeans, or scoring a deal online or in your favorite shop, we’re presenting to you the different ways you can wear jeans and sneakers–according to real people.

From folds to creases, cuts and forms, to shades and color, it’s all here. Don’t be afraid to dip your fingers in both old and new styles, mixing them together, or completely finding something else–unexplored–that works for you. As long as you’re comfortable, it will all click. And, for a real styling hack: Confidence is key.


Check out these jeans outfit ideas featuring real stylish people from the metro:

1. The Lengthy Illusion

Sometimes you like to show a little less. Other times you want to show more. But you can crush it in the middle, and unassumingly achieve a natural way to look leaner and taller. Freelance creative and art director Mags Ocampo kept it down the notch here, going for an all plain look of a white crop top paired with a leather-belted baggy mom jeans, and concluded with her checkered-printed trusty Vans. The sneakers seal this whole, simple look. Chic and easy! 

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2. Hitch and Ditch the Hem

Japanese competitor surfer and skater Rina Takahashi is spunky, adventurous, and downright badass. She ties all of that together so effortlessly, just like how she glides on wheels in the bowl or catches waves on her short board. Here, she folds the hem of her high-waisted blue denim jeans and makes way for her New Balance sneakers and a pair of funky socks. I mean, honestly, she could not be bothered with floor-grazing hemlines when she’s busy slicing it on hot wheels. But nonetheless, this look isn’t skate chic inclusive! Anyone on-the-go could might as well benefit this tomboyish outfit. Slapping on a baseball cap just like Rina could might as well save you from a bad hair day, too.


3. The Old School Laidback Cuff

B-Side Productions DJ and It’s Vintage co-founder Erika Yuseco is oftentimes clothed in sexy, deep-V neckline slip dresses, crop tops, and bodysuits. But when her mood shifts, you’ll see her in more casual ensembles that consist of sweaters or hoodies. And when the weather permits it, she accessorizes with layers of outerwear. Here, we see her sitting comfortably on a wooden stool with a hunched back. You’d think she’s all covered up, but she doesn’t hold back and shows a sliver of leg skin, and she does so with cuffing her light wash denim jeans. Her black Chucks get a bit of color when she crunches a pair of blue socks just down to its cut.


4. Once You Go Black


We just love how versatile jeans are, don’t we? You can pair it with anything, anytime, and almost anywhere. Its low-maintenance aesthetic can both amp up and simplify your look. Fashion designer Asia Coronel and One Life Studio ambassador Karla Ong may be two different girls, but what we see in common between them is their playful take on going the darker side. T-shirt (tucked or untucked), black jeans, and a classic pair of high-cut Converse Chuck Taylor’s? Say no more. Two different girls, two different places, yet we see that this very similar look happening at the same time. It works just about right. It’s accessible, comfortable, and easy to pull-off. Don’t sleep on this.

5. Peek-a-Boo 


Have I been living too deep the “island life” to see this coming? Probably. Photographer Renzo Navarro knows exactly how to get anybody to take a second glance, be it for his unique eye for taking photographs, or his sense of style. Here, we see him pull-off of baggy cropped denim jeans/joggers with a gartered hem paired with classic Nikes and calf-high socks–leaving everything to one’s imagination. His awkward, comfy look is fashion-forward yet so incredibly easy-going at the same time. There’s an unspoken invitation somewhere there that this is something worth a try.

6. That '90s Show


Freelance creative Mano Gonzales is somewhat here to give us all the nostalgic feels, allowing us to make a trip down memory lane when us '90s kids first realized our crushes on the Carter brothers. At the first look at this photo, you’d think boy bands—specifically Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, or even Westlife—and we're not complaining. These baggy, tapered jeans in a dark wash is simple, clean-cut, and goes right with a light pair of sneakers. Another cool thing with this look is that it isn’t gender-inclusive, and we definitely see girls pulling it off. Remember Britney Spears’ and Christina Aguilera’s low-riding denims? Well, here we are today with an interesting take to relive our childhood.

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