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How to Cop Lauren Reid's Signature Sultry Look

Pro tips from her makeup artist Mac Igarta!
How to Cop Lauren Reid's Signature Sultry Look
IMAGE Koji Arboleda
Pro tips from her makeup artist Mac Igarta!

Lauren Reid is a no makeup believer. The 23-year-old Aussie isn't really a fan of makeup and would rather leave her skin bare to breathe. Not that she actually needs to cover or correct her blemish-free face, but as long as makeup artist Mac Igarta is in charge, she admits she's not scared to put on more than just sunscreen.

IMAGE Koji Arboleda

"Lauren's major concerns are her brows and skin. I was able to address her skin tone issues and even out her brows without looking overdone. We are a great team because both of us are good listeners. I listen to her concerns and she listens to my advice. We are also good friends, which makes the work a lot easier," says Mac, who Lauren treats as family. For this month's issue, Mac creates a sultry look that he believes to be Lauren's version of a cinnamon smokey eye. "It's all about neutral tones that look fresh," he says, and Mac tells us his tricks to creating this modern twist on the now- popular '90s brown makeup trend.


"Invest in a good skin regimen. When prepping the skin, I use NARS skin line. I love the scent and it is effective (I use it on James [Reid], too!) I used NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint and set it with NARS Light Reflecting Powder since Lauren's skin doesn't need too much coverage. If your skin is beautiful, you don't need too much foundation. A tint foundation is perfect for that natural glowing skin look."

NARS skin Optimal Brightening Concentrate, P4250, Rustan's

NARS Light Reflecting Powder, P 1950, Rustan's


"I just did some enhancements by applying clear mascara to brush them up and I used K-palette's brow pen to fill in some gaps on her brows to make them fuller. You can follow the direction of your hair growth to create a more natural effect."


K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24H, P795, Beauty Bar


"I used NARS eyeshadow in Isolde on Lauren's lids. This is one of my favorite base eyeshadows because of the warm gold pigments that match any skin tone. I also added some darker matte browns on her crease to create a subtle smokey effect and to emphasize the shimmer of Isolde at the same time."

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde, P1250, Rustan's


"If Lauren's look is something you wanna pull off in daylight, I suggest a subtle contour. Blending and using a proper contouring brush is key. If you still see a harsh line on the area that you are contouring, it means you didn't blend it well. If it doesn't look natural, it means it's too much. I usually use NARS in Laguna because it creates a subtle shadow that's suited for morena skin tones."

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna, P1750, Rustan's


"Brown-toned lippies are so 'in' right now and since it's a neutral shade, any skin tone can pull it off. You can also use a lip gloss on top 0f the lipstick for a more youthful look."

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Barbara, P1650, Rustan's

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