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Here's What's Special About Haute Couture

It's an intricate art form.
Here's What's Special About Haute Couture It's an intricate art form.

Undoubtedly, fashion is art. And to punctuate that further, let's zero in on an art form that is exclusive and prestigious: haute couture. By definition, couture entails garments to be custom-fitted, but few are aware that these pieces are all made from scratch. Haute couture is not mass-produced and not everyone can claim they can make haute couture pieces. "Haute Couture is a protected name that can be used only by firms meeting certain well-defined standards set by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris," The Guardian reports.

Dior shares in an Instagram post that each garment is made and attended to by several people all at once and is made "in different ateliers or on various stages of its production."

The unsung heroes of each house's atelier weave and thread their respective artistic director's visions into reality. They showcase expert workmanship and fabric manipulation as they handstitch and sew the clothes together.


You can say that hundreds of hours and vast ardour is poured into each garment, which reminds us again that fashion is not simply about clothes. Nor is it about the superficiality or materialism of people to want luxury clothes. It's about the prestige of individuality and owning a coveted piece of art and history, a storied piece of our society.