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This Online Store Is for the Girl Who Loves Quirky Hair Accessories

Hair accessories that give new meaning to wearable art.
This Online Store Is for the Girl Who Loves Quirky Hair Accessories
Hair accessories that give new meaning to wearable art.

In today’s accessory game, many products in the market tend to be homogenized—a natural effect of the trend pulse. Rarely does a brand dare to go against the grain to offer something different, something fresh. But Gaud Manila does just that.

Created by celebrity hair and makeup artist Jan Edrosolan, Gaud Manila offers an eclectic mix of hair accessories that range from the cosmic to the baroque. The brand’s Instagram account just launched and we’ve already grown smitten with the fist few limited pieces that were available: read, acrylic gems in irregular shapes and sizes that come in violet, lilac, and pink, adorned with fanned out feathers. Another key piece is a barrette—not your typical one—imagine your grandmother’s pearl barette but trimmed with tulle!


The brand’s latest baroque-inspired confections are just as quirky. Velvet headbands are fit for a queen while the metal clips come in an old-world, bronze finish. Such accessories characterized the mood during the early 17th century when somber tones and metallic details and ornaments prevailed clothing. 

There’s much more to the brand’s story than their interesting take on design. Learn more about it through our quick Q&A with founder Jan Edrosolan: 

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What’s the concept behind Gaud? How did the brand start? 

"The conceptualization of the brand started end of last year. I had a chat with Jolina [Magdangal] about doing a small business for hair accessories since I use quirky hair accessories [on] most of my celebrity clients. She also shared that her hobby of doing DIYs [DIY projects] when she was younger has paved the way [for] her [to start] a small boutique where she could sell her different stuff mostly for kikay girls.   

"Basically, the concept of GAUD is to create one-of-a-kind luxurious hair accessories from headbands, barrettes, clips, etc. for modern, fashion-forward individuals."

What’s the story behind the name? 

"It was my partner who thought of this name. Gaud in English means purely ornamental or ‘showy trinket.’"


Who designs the pieces and what is that creative process like? 

"I personally design these accessories. From getting raw materials to its production. I want it to be really personal. I design based on my emotions that day. If I feel happy, you'll see colors and softness. Sometimes my designs are [instinctive], if I feel that material would work with the other I would go for it."

What’s the inspiration behind those designs?

"I find inspirations everywhere. I love to experiment. Most of my designs are based on my interest which is architecture, travel, and [the] arts."


Based on Gaud’s Instagram profile, I see that some materials used are acrylic, pearls, and faux feathers. Any rationale for such materials or do you simply gravitate to them? 

"I love interesting pieces that have textures and interesting shapes that’s why I'm drawn to materials such as that. Also, I'm in love with the drama and the luxurious feel of hair accessories. I’m not scared of mixing materials. I can mix anything. Right now, I'm working with suede and velvet materials."

If Gaud were a woman, what kind of woman would she be?

"I think she would be a fashion-forward woman, who appreciates art in different forms. She’s independent and confident. She’s not afraid to experiment and be unique."

How do you see your brand in the near future?

"I would see my brand as a norm. A lot of people would appreciate it as our culture and [accept] new and creative ideas [that could] evolve."


We’re pretty sure that whatever or wherever Gaud will cull inspiration from in the future, the outcome will never fall short on breathing new life into art and style.

Shop Gaud Manila here.

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