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10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks We Love

Pleats! Leather! Racer stripes! We don’t mind copping some of them.
10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks We Love
Pleats! Leather! Racer stripes! We don’t mind copping some of them.

Whether you’ve been a long-time fan or are only learning now about the legends that they are, we couldn’t blame you for playing Queen’s hits on repeat these past couple of days. Thanks to what is arguably this year’s most electrifying movie musical (Lady Gaga’s fictional A Star Is Born was just too sad, if you know what we mean), Bohemian Rhapsody offered us a peek into the story of the band as told through their musical evolution from the early ‘70s to the mid-‘80s.

But the fashion folk that we are, we couldn’t help but talk about flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury’s unapologetic, irrepressible style of dress—so much so that we brought to mind memories from documentaries and music videos and scoured the internet for our favorite Freddie looks ever.

Out of so many looks worth mentioning, we trimmed down our list to 10. They all run the gamut of androgynous, royal, cute, and theatrical, each one proving that whether in real life or in fantasy (see what we did there?), Freddie Mercury’s progressive sartorial inclinations still remain relevant years after his death.


Garbed in what could be his most recognizable look before Bohemian Rhapsody shone the light on his Live Aid costume of a tank top, denim, and studded leather, a monument in his likeness stands in Montreux, Switzerland wearing the same yellow band jacket and white pre-athleisure pieces.

This silver-sequined leotard from a Queen concert in 1977 is a stand-out example of Freddie’s sartorial showmanship. That he performed in this costume masked and barefoot lent mystery and a dash of vulnerability to the entire look.

Looking every inch the well-traveled man, Freddie’s combination of multi-colored shawl collar robe and metal accessories looks modern and translatable to this decade. It is also so cop-worthy that we’re motivated to replicate the look with similar items in our closet.

Freddie doesn’t fall short on style—even at the peak of summer. Shot off-duty at Hotel Intercontinental in Budapest in 1986, the cut and color story of his tank top and swim shorts embodied the shock value of the decade.


Here’s Freddie serving a lean, mean harlequin—make that Harle-Queen—look. Shot during a concert in Houston, Texas in 1977, this photo proves that he is anything but bashful and unafraid where clothes are involved. Bet you can’t think of anyone who can rock this on the reg.

In a look that his estate IG account describes as “The Prawn,” he proves that his flamboyance matches his four-octave vocal range. This costume, worn at the video for It’s a Hard Life, combines appliqué in the shape of human eyes, a medley of feathers, and a flame detail that reminds us of contemporary Prada heels.

How many people do you know showed up as a black leather-clad Freddie Mercury for Halloween a week ago? Editor David Milan is one—even adding more moustache for the night—and a few more costumed party goers did so, too, and quite successfully.


An IG fan account wrote: “Freddie designed and made many of his outfits/costumes including this one which as you see is made up of flashes.”  If he were still alive in 2018 though, we could imagine him and avant garde stylist Andre Chang planning tour outfits together.

Perhaps the most fasyon of all the costumes in Bohemian Rhapsody, the pleated white poncho from the film was a tribute to an actual piece that Freddie sourced from British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes in the early ‘70s. But those who know their fashion history saw even more. Doesn’t the pleating remind you of Christian Dior’s work from 1950?

Now isn’t this one self-exploratory, darlings?