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These 4 Artists Are Successfully Championing Filipino Music Amid a Global Pandemic

Preview Creative 25 honorees BGYO, Bini, Zack Tabudlo, and Denise Santos are taking the Filipino sound to greater heights.
Music is food for the soul. Its healing quality has never been more vital than it is now as we turn to the comforting voices of our favorite artists or the transportive sounds of movie soundtracks for companionship. Where most industries were

Sony's New Noise-Cancelling Headphones Come in the Prettiest Colors

They're just under P10,000.
If you’re a dedicated audiophile—or just someone who appreciates high-quality audio devices—then you’ve probably heard of Sony’s wildly popular WH-1000XM3 and WH-1000XM4 headphones, which were released in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Considered to be some of the best in their class, these

Did You Know? These SB19 Songs Were Co-Produced by South Border's Jay Durias

South Border's frontman talks about his music career, controversy, and working with P-pop group SB19.
To date, Jay Durias is the only remaining constant figure of South Border, a band that made their name around the mid-1990s. And yet despite the changes that happened from within, Durias and the band have stayed relevant.Why? For the South Border

Did You Know? OPM Band Orange & Lemons Had to Change Their Name Thrice

ICYDK, they sang the theme song for "Pinoy Big Brother".
Music holds a significant place in Philippine culture. It's omnipresent, from everyday neighborhood karaoke to TV variety programs and underground performances.Nothing beats the sound of homegrown Filipino music, whether it's in English, Tagalog, or another regional dialect. And nobody can forget Orange

5 Things You Need to Know About Rising Fil-Am Singer Kurt Tijamo

He's a fan of Gabe Bondoc, Lea Salonga, and Kakie Pangilinan.
Kurt Tijamo’s Filipino roots have always come part and parcel of his love for music.Based in the United States, the pop crooner grew up with it all his life. His dad, a pianist and composer, taught him everything he knows about the

This 22-Year-Old Music Lover Will Make You Fall Back in Love With Vinyl Records

Gab Saulog, through his online vinyl record store Acetate Music, is here to bridge the past and present through music
Sour by Olivia Rodrigo, Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish, and Gaucho by Steely Dan are quite the mixed bag of records. The latter sticks out as a more vintage title compared to the two 2021 releases, but these are what came

Jamie Miller Gets Real About His Tiktok-Famous Song "Here's Your Perfect"

"It was one of the most challenging but amazing journeys I’ve worked though, and I hope it can be heard in the music."
Singer-songwriter Jamie Miller gets personal on his new single Here’s Your Perfect—available now via Atlantic Records and Geaux Uptown Records alongside an Andrew Sandler-directed (Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud) video. Co-penned by Jamie with Gian Stone (Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber), Bendik Møller &

Julie Anne San Jose Tries to Guess OPM Songs

She effortlessly hit every note!
Aside from sharing us her NYC Spotify billboard and achievements during a Preview exclusive interview, we also challenged singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose to play Guess the Song. Growing up in the public eye, she never forgets to showcase her bubly and

Here's How Jose Mari Chan Wrote “A Perfect Christmas” in Just Two Days

He also shares his take on being the "King of Christmas Carols" in the Philippines.
Jose Mari Chan endeared himself to generations of Filipinos with the contemporary Christmas classic “Christmas in Our Hearts.” It’s a song that reminds people about the origins of the season: celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. But when Chan’s record producer asked

This is How Mimiyuuh Helped “Dalaga” Become a Certified Hit

Remember when the social media superstar created a viral song challenge called "Dalagang Pilipina"?
Most groups get together first before they create music, but you don’t often hear it happening the other way around. However, with hip-hop group ALLMO$T, the members behind the phenomenal hit “Dalaga” all had their own things going until they decided that

Meet ALLMO$T, the Hip-Hop Group Who Wrote the Hit Song “Dalaga”

They let us into their story of how their song went viral on social media as the popular "Dalagang Pilipina" challenge.
Remember that Dalagang Pilipina challenge that went viral on social media back in 2019? With its music video reaching over 10.5 million views on YouTube, you will likely recognize the song once you see someone doing that "shy girl" pose but we all

Here's How Callalily Made “Magbalik” a Hit Song

Lead vocalist Kean Cipriano also shares the story behind Callalily's rise to success.
For over 15 strong years, Callalily has been making music we’ve been naturally singing along to whenever their song plays no matter where we might be. Lead singer Kean Cipriano and his bandmates have given us gems like “Stars,” “Pansamantala,” “Ex,” and, of