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Get to know the man behind the avant garde footwear. Features Filipino Shoe Designer Kermit Tesoro
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Get to know the man behind the avant garde footwear.

When it comes to avant garde footwear, Kermit Tesoro's name is a hard one to miss. Dressing Lady Gaga back in 2011 pushed his career from local to international (he's been a fan of Stefani Germanotta long before she became Lady Gaga), and his out-of-this-world shoe designs became the new norm for the fashion-forward. However, the designer mysteriously laid low shortly thereafter.

According to, Kermit took a hiatus during the peak of his career. The reason remains unmentioned, but the website talks about how he's slowly getting back into the game. And to properly celebrate, they shared 10 fun facts about the artist.

While Kermit may be known for his heel-less take on shoes, he surely has more to bring to the table. Forbes took notice of how creative he can get with his materials, noting that some of his work contain real human bones.




As mentioned by Forbes, Kermit also has a green thumb. He's a true botany enthusiast, and from the looks of his Instagram feed, we have zero doubts!

Speaking of plants, the feature also reveals one of his most popular works: the Polypodis, which was inspired by the carnivorous plant called the Sun Dew.

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Read Kermit's full feature on here.

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