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The FDCP Is Calling on Fashion Professionals to Join This National Alliance

The FDCP Is Calling on Fashion Professionals to Join This National Alliance
By signing up, you will be able to help steer the Filipino fashion industry towards a sustainable future.

The Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines is calling on all fashion professionals to join the recently established national alliance called the Philippine Fashion Coalition (PFC).

Fashion professionals include designers, manufacturers, brands and retailers, freelancers, fashion event companies, model agencies, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion press and bloggers, fashion photographers, stylists, etc. This was created in an effort to band the industry together and to move forward, given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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What is the Philippine Fashion Coalition?

The PFC is a united national front that will advocate the needs of the fashion industry internally and externally.

Internally, the PFC aims to strengthen ties of all sectors of the local fashion scene—a business support organization. Aside from that, the PFC also aims to facilitate the industry’s external relations, be it with the government or other fashion and design coalitions worldwide. Amina Aranaz, the president of the FDCP, says that one of the goals of the PFC is to create an industry policy to be presented to the government. 

What are the PFC’s goals?

The PFC aims to create a legal entity that will be able to speak for the industry with the government (e.g. congress, senate) or with other organizations worldwide.

Another tenet of the PFC’s mission is to create a roadmap for recovery during this post-pandemic phase, as well as a sustainable development plan for the future.

In fact, the PFC has already begun taking action: “We are starting by partnering with all the fashion design and fashion related associations nationwide, and [we're also] seeking to partner with the government to create a study on the best data to gather, as well as a short-term, medium-term roadmap for our industry, which includes partners related to our ecosystem and value chain,” says Amina. This research will help draft the recovery plan and the aforementioned industry policy. 


Of course, the PFC also wants to establish and legitimize the fashion industry as a driver of the Philippine economy, not only by working as one community but by encouraging consumers to buy local.

What does a fashion professional gain by joining the coalition?

By joining the coalition, fashion professionals will be able to play a part in shaping the future of the industry, as well as the network provided by the support system. “By being part of the coalition one will be able to influence the future direction of the industry. And, of course, avail of the policies and benefits that will result from it,” says Amina.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PFC, sign up here. To stay updated, follow FDCP on Facebook or Instagram.  

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