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5 Fashion Girls Who Are Science Geeks

Biology, Psychology, Rocket Science.
5 Fashion Girls Who Are Science Geeks Biology, Psychology, Rocket Science.

There’s a whole science behind fashion.  So many equations and probabilities that when not put together can explode and land you on the worst dressed list. But there are Fashion Girls who are actually into Science, as in” planets, chemicals, biology, etcetera. Below a list of ladies who were born curious about the world we live in. You’ll see, there is a correlation between the two!

Natalie Portman



Everyone knows she’s a psych grad who went to Harvard and even missed the premiere of Stars Wars to study for a finals exam. But did you know that she was a semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search and co-authored various studies which have been published  in scientific journals? She was a research assistant in a psychology lab and put in some time working for the youngest law professor in the history of Harvard, Alan Dershowitz.

Lisa Kudrow

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Phoebe may be a ditz and sometimes a klutz, but Lisa - a biology major! - is certainly the opposite. Did you know that our favorite Friend is a daughter of a world-renowned headache specialist, Dr. Lee Kudrow? Science was clearly in her genes, which is why she helped with her father’s research for eight years, gaining credit on his study on the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches before she decided that making our stomaches ache through laughter is her true calling.  

Kim Jones



In case you haven’t noticed, Kim and mother nature have a pretty tight bond. With all her underwater shoots, surfing getaways, and mountain climbing escapades, it’s clear she loves the earth. It’s probably also why when asked about the accounts she follows on IG, her answers were NASA and Nat Geo. (Read about it here.)

Cindy Crawford



The world-famous supermodel graduated high school as the Valedictorian of her class and even bagged an academic scholarship to study Chemical Engineering for college. She initially used modeling money to supplement her scholarship but eventually chose her career over finishing school. Sigh, she only lasted for a year!

Michelle Phan



You see, you don't have to be a college graduate to geek about science. Michelle Phan didn't finish school, but this makeup expert and YouTube personality is about to add comic book creator to her resume. You may know her for quirky and entertaining video clips, but soon you can enjoy reading her fantasy and science fiction story—which she has been developing since she was 11—on Line Webtoon, a portal for free digital comics. “I’m a nerd on the side. I loved learning about space and time and dark matter.” That we didn't know.

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