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Natalie Portman Will Soon Wield the Hammer as Marvel's Female "Thor"

She's returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021.
We’re still suffering from Avengers: Endgame hangover, and although Spider-Man: Far From Home quenched our thirst for a little while, we simply can't get enough. But thanks to Comic-Con 2019 held at the San Diego Convention Center last Saturday, July 20, the

Here's a First Look at Natalie Portman As Jacqueline Kennedy

The trailer for the movie 'Jackie' is finally here!
When we heard that Natalie Portman was going to play former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of US President John F. Kennedy, we were instinctively excited to see the style icon's signature looks on the big screen. Directed by Pablo Larraín, Jackie is

WATCH: Johnny Depp's Campaign Teaser for Dior Sauvage

You'd wish it were more than 13 seconds long.
It's just 13 seconds long but that's why it's called a teaser. Johnny Depp's first ever fragrance campaign for Dior Sauvage is built on a seemingly mysterious plot. And for this sneak peek, well, you'll only hear his breathy voice. But before

8 Celebrities Who Are Proud of Their Moles

It's what makes them who they are.
Most girls spend so much time doing their makeup to hide blemishes and cover unwanted facial marks. But for some, moles aren’t meant to be concealed but rather flaunted for the whole world to see. Below, we've listed down eight stunning stars

5 Fashion Girls Who Are Science Geeks

Biology, Psychology, Rocket Science.
There’s a whole science behind fashion.  So many equations and probabilities that when not put together can explode and land you on the worst dressed list. But there are Fashion Girls who are actually into Science, as in” planets, chemicals, biology, etcetera.

Natalie Portman Plays Jackie O

Production is set to begin at the end of 2015.
Darren Aronofsky is producing a movie about Jacqueline Kennedy, and the actress chosen to play her is none other than his lead in "Black Swan," Natalie Portman. Set in the first four days after JFK’s assassination, "Jackie" will be a moving depiction of her life

Sb Jams: Period Mix

To end the red month, a menstrual playlist a la No Strings Attached.
It's the end of the red month and we've got our period. Well, I've got my period. Although, because of our major female bonding here at SB, I'm pretty sure I'll infect everyone soon and have us all on the same cycle.

8 Celebs With Beauty And Brains

These local and international stars enjoy the best of both worlds.
With busy schedules filled with photo shoots and movie shootings, one would think it's unlikely that these A-listers could even manage to squeeze in reading a book or two in between doing hair and makeup. Some might even say that looking glamorous

10 Fabulous Flat Chests

These celebs are proof that A-cups are truly fashionable.
Society’s definition of sexy, more often than not, is a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model wearing a C-cup fantasy bra. Truth be told, we’re not all blessed with a billboard-worthy body, so does that mean girls with smaller busts don’t have

8 Natalie Portman Screen Looks We'll Never Forget

To celebrate her 33rd birthday, we tell you why she's our favorite chameleon.
You know how there are some girls who just happens to be blessed with everything but you end up loving them anyway? That’s how we feel about the gorgeous Natalie Portman. No matter how hard the green monster tries to poison our

The Best Hair Moments On The Silver Screen

Check out these movie moments that made us laugh, cry, and cringe.
Continuing our obsession with hair in motion, we looked to the cinemas for our favorite chops, blondes, and hair moments. From iconic opening scenes to  shiny, blonde hair, we list the moments in movie magic that inspired unforgettable hair envy and helped

John Galliano Ousted From Dior [updated]

A timeline of what has happened since he was first arrested.
February 24, 2011News of designer John Galliano’s arrest that Thursday night hit the web and readers were astounded to hear he was being charged with assault and anti-semitic statements (the latter is a considered a crime in France with a punishment of