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11 Cute Ways to Style a Windbreaker for the Rainy Season

11 Cute Ways to Style a Windbreaker for the Rainy Season
Who DOESN’T love a good windbreaker?

Aside from mom jeans and chunky sneakers, perhaps another item that had everyone obsessed with the ‘90s is the windbreaker. Characterized by its round shape and vibrant hues, the windbreaker instantly adds a colorful, vintage vibe to any outfit. But of course, it’s known for more than just its form. The windbreaker’s function is to block off chill and light rain, thanks to its water-repellent nylon (but it also comes in polyester!).

That said, it’s both a stylish and practical piece to have in your wardrobe. If you already own a windbreaker or you’re looking to invest in one, here are some super easy ways you could work it into your outfits for a cute, sporty look:

1. Stay fresh in sleeveless tops and mom jeans.

Let your jacket’s colorway stand out by wearing cropped white tops and pair that with your trusty mom jeans. Keep the footwear simple as well and opt for white sneakers!

2. Keep it edgy in a black turtleneck and skinny jeans.

Leave it to Kaia Gerber to make casual pieces look super cool. Here, she takes her striped windbreaker out for a spin by wearing an all-black ensemble. Make the outfit look more luxe by adding a leather handbag or a shoulder bag with striking metal hardware (like Kaia’s chain bag!).

3. Go crazy with color!

Don’t let the rain dampen your style—brighten your mood by sporting a happy-hued outfit! Opt for pieces that will keep you cool yet covered up like a sunny-colored T-shirt or turtleneck, and play around with vibrant accessories, too. Tip: Printed socks are an easy way to add personality to your look!


4. Ace athleisure with black leggings.

If you’ve got a full day of errands ahead, make sure you dress for comfort. You can always rely on athleisure to provide that! Sneak a windbreaker into your casual look by wearing black leggings and finish it off with your fave sneakers. Take cues from Kendall Jenner who upped the ante with a designer handbag.

5. Try preppy color-blocking.

If pinks and violets are too zany for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t try color-blocking at all! Might we suggest going the preppy route instead? Mixing separates in red, white, and blue will help you achieve a classic vintage look whilst adding a dash of color.

6. Keep it cute and sporty.

Got a chill day with family or friends? Or perhaps you’re feeling lazy and you want to look like you made an effort with your outfit? Whatever the case, a camisole or tank top paired with a mini skirt is always a safe bet. Plus points if you find a tennis skirt in your closet, especially a pleated one—it’s so ‘90s!

7. Make like a cool girl in cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts or biker shorts have been every fashionista’s go-to cool piece since it became a trend in 2018, and it’s not hard to see why. Cycling shorts make any shirt look more “streetwear,” especially when paired with dad sneakers. Do the same with your windbreaker! You can either wear it as a top by zipping it all the way up (as seen below) or by wearing it as an oversized jacket.

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8. Look chic in khaki trousers and a cropped top.

Speaking of oversized jackets, they aren’t just for streetwear outfits. You can use the windbreaker to look polished and chic as well! As seen below, you can use an oversized windbreaker as your outfit’s piece de resistance. Just stick to slim separates like cigarette pants and a cropped top in light neutrals like white and nude.

9. Nail a model-off-duty look with a mini skirt.

If your windbreaker isn’t too bulky, make like Romee Strijd and tuck it into a leather mini skirt for a surprising look that will surely turn heads! It’s a fresh alternative to the typical T-shirt or cropped top. You could either dress it up with luxe accessories (like Romee’s Chanel purse) or hype it up with sporty gear (like a bucket hat or a fanny pack).

10. Go big or go home.

For days when you’re up for a bold look, you don’t have to keep things complicated. Simply go for basic pieces in oversized silhouettes. When completed with a windbreaker, it makes for a super interesting outfit—oh, and it’s cold weather-appropriate, too! Try dad jeans and chunky sneakers for starters!

11. Cop a high fashion look by mixing prints.

Do you have a hand-me-down windbreaker that’s too colorful and too big that you don’t know how to style it? Well, don’t fret! Embrace its vibrant colorway and balloon silhouette by experimenting with just-as-eclectic separates, like the teal checkered slit skirt below. Offset the clothes’ punchy energy by donning minimalist footwear like strappy heels or leather mules.


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