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How to Style Cropped Jeans According to Your Body Type

They're for everyone!
How to Style Cropped Jeans According to Your Body Type
They're for everyone!

We're all for women wearing whatever they want, but here's food for thought: Don't you want to style yourself to highlight all the best things about your body? Be it curves, height, or a total lack of either, the cropped jean is out to do you a favorbelow, check out some OOTD pegs you'll want to cop, according to your body type.


Enhance your shapely behind and make your legs look a mile longer by picking a high-waisted pair and tucking your shirt in. Simple! Bonus: Leather boots are always a posh option.

The very noughties low-rider is back, and you have every right to rock it. Let your jeans sit right on your hips over a form-skimming top that hides no secrets. Sandals and a cute boater hat make a travel fit to remember!

Here's an idea: Why not belt your blazer and really flaunt your hourglass shape? Be proud of that booty!



A play on lengths is always interesting. Think of this look as a beginner's guide to the dress-over-pants trend: A high slit makes any frock feel more like outerwear, making things far easier to pull off! Team with pointed, kitten-heeled mules a.k.a. fashion's dainty shoe du jour.

All our tiny gals revere the unparalleled power of a platform. When donning a simple jeans-and-tee combo, reach for the sparkly skyscrapers! The best part about being small is that you can get away with them nearly undetected.

If you're out shopping for a new pair, try copping one with vertical details like, say, a track stripe or a cool two-tone split. It'll lend you an illusion of extra height, which is never a bad thing for anyone.

Tall and Skinny

Hello up there! You're the candidate for nailing that perfect model-off-duty #lewk. Imagine a slouchy blazer and Converseall our yeses, and in every language.


Wanna look even taller? Pick a hue and go head-to-toe! A long line of monochrome adds inches like you won't believe. 

Your willowy figure is great for loose silhouettes! Instead of tucking your top in, try leaving it loose, like Soo Joo Park. Too cool.


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